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Of or relating to a heating or cooling system that transfers heat by circulating a fluid through a closed system of pipes.

[hydr(o)- + -onic (as in electronic).]


(General Engineering) of or relating to the transfer of water through a pipe system in a heating or cooling system
hyˈdronically adv


(haɪˈdrɒn ɪk)

of or pertaining to a heating or cooling system in which circulating water is the medium for carrying heat, usu. aided by a pump.
[1945–50; probably hydr-1 + (electr) onic]
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An anecdotal report of high energy savings at a multifamily building in Ithaca, N.Y., resulting from the replacement of an old steam boiler with a new hot water (hydronic) boiler, led to a survey of similar completed projects in New York to assess if these high savings have been delivered elsewhere.
10 kw liquid heater kit 30 kw liquid heater kit for maz 215 bus (hydronic m-ii d10w hydronic hlii-30 or equivalent) 150 pcs.
It has a new cedar shingle facade, a floating staircase, custom windows, Italian-made custom doors, custom lighting, Austrian wood floors, hydronic radiant heat flooring and built-in speakers throughout plus a basement, outdoor decking plus a big backyard.
He also holds multiple building automation certifications, including an electrical license and Chicago Stationary Engineers License; and numerous other certifications, including EPA Universal, HAZWOPER OSHA 40, Industrial Firefighting, NFPA 70E, Solar Energy, Sporlan Valve, VRF, and Bell & Gossett certifications in chilled water design, hydronic design and steam design.
"Margins are expected to be broadly similar supported by our operational initiatives and an improved performance from Hydronic Engineering."
* Heavy-Gauge Twin Sheet--Gold: ThermaHexx, hydronic heat-transfer panel.
MagnaClean Commercial reduces maintenance costs by reducing or eliminating the most common hydronic system complaints caused by iron oxide.
The project, with a set timeframe of 30 months, also includes replacing dilapidated fuel pipelines, in addition to setting up early detection systems to prevent gas and hydronic radiant leaks that prove injurious to the pipelines, the statement added.
Luke's most recent position was as Hydronic Sales Leader with Harshaw Trane.
While additional components are often necessary, such as circulation pumps and a hydronic air handling unit (AHU), those costs saved by "bundling" equipment and infrastructure upgrades outweigh these system costs with as-installed system efficiencies of 90% or greater (Kingston, 2016).
Practice in Residential HVAC; Hydronic Water Flow Measurement; Recent Research in Data Center Cooling; When Good Valve Sizing Goes Bad; What Fire and Safety Engineers Have Learned Since the MGM Grand Fire in Las Vegas; and What Are Present Day Fire and Life Safety Codes and Applications.
Despite an unpredictable market, Biren Patel, Middle East managing director of IMI Hydronic Engineering, says the Middle East-arm has managed to achieve double-digit growth compared to the first three quarters of last year.