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adj. Botany
1. Growing or thriving in water.
2. Pollinated by pollen that is carried by water.

hy·droph′i·ly n.


Botany. the capacity of a plant to be pollinated through the agency of water. — hydrophilous, adj.
See also: Water
an affinity for water, a property of certain materials. — hydrophilic, hydrophilous, adj.
See also: -Phile, -Philia, -Phily
See also: Plants
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67), where hydrophily is required for species to survive.
The free NCO groups present in the polymer matrix of PUFs act as a peculiar "water absorbent", and this factor also promotes the growth in the hydrophily of foams, which are comparable with the water-blown PUF Lagopur 402 (Lagomat, Sweden).