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An electrical instrument for detecting or monitoring sound under water.
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(Electronics) an electroacoustic transducer that converts sound or ultrasonic waves travelling through water into electrical oscillations
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(ˈhaɪ drəˌfoʊn)

a device for detecting sounds transmitted through water, as for locating submarines or measuring the flow of water through a pipe.
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Pro Sound Effects' latest library,Submerged,used a hydrophone to put together the collection of underwater sounds.
By using a Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) fabrication process for integrated circuits (ICs) [9, 10], the ultrasonic hydrophone allows the combination of signal and image processing circuits, such as amplifier and filter circuits, allowing sensitivity to be improved.
Alternatively, stationary receiver/ hydrophone arrays have been used to cordon off marine areas and detect tagged individuals moving within reception range (Voegeli et al., 2001; Simpfendorfer et al., 2002; Welch et al., 2003; Grothues and Able, 2007; Bishop et al., 2010).
Underwater noise is measured with an underwater microphone known as a hydrophone. The unit of measurement for underwater noise, or sound pressure level, is the same as for airborne SPL, the Pascal.
It consists of two SAS systems: a high frequency (HF) synthetic aperture sonar and a long-wavelength broadband (BB) synthetic aperture sonar, wherein two separate projectors share a common hydrophone array, as shown in Figure 1.
The receiving single channel hydrophone was towed parallel to the boomer sound source at a horizontal offset to allow clear data interpretation.
By using a simple underwater recording device called a hydrophone, scientists are able to eavesdrop on coral reef communities.
AoFunding has allowed the ESO to acquire a hydrophone and audio recording device which will allow us to undertake comparative studies of whale song within Oman and between neighbouring countries,Ao said Lamees Daar, ESOAAEs executive director
A hydrophone could listen for whale calls all right, but these hydrophones hung on a mooring line "that clanked and yanked," said John Kemp, head of at-sea operations for the WHOI Mooring Operations, Engineering, and Field Support Group.
"In the 17 years we've been monitoring the ocean through hydrophone recordings, we've never seen a swarm of earthquakes in an area such as this," said Robert Dziak, a marine geologist with Oregon State University.