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(General Engineering) a device that detects the presence of water as a prevention against drying out, overflow, etc, esp one used as a warning in a steam boiler


(ˈhaɪ drəˌstæt)

1. an electrical device for detecting the presence of water, as from overflow or leakage.
2. a device for preventing damage to a steam boiler when its water sinks below a certain level.
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Papillae are examples of a muscular hydrostat, biological structures that consist of muscle with no skeletal support (such as the human tongue).
The continuously variable transmission (CVT) will generally give you a higher top speed than the hydrostat, and may be quieter.
The crawler dozers constantly monitor transmission temperature to avoid damage to the hydrostat system.
This hydrostat drive system is linked with a 165-hp AGM POWER Tier 4i-compliant engine and gearboxes, offering consistent, steady power and easy operation, without shifting or extra work.
The newly designed H8Tree Digger by GK Machine, uses a set of D4 undercarriages, driven by a 215 hp engine through a hydrostat, to provide the traction requirement for pulling the 75 cm (30 in.
A comparative biomechanical analysis of unarmed schizorhynchs, armed karkinorhynchs, and armed diascorhynchs may provide insight into not only the evolution of these animals, but also the evolution of an increasingly complex muscle articulation from a simple muscular hydrostat precursor.
This mini hydrostat is the logical extension of the type VFG 425s-435s truck that was successfully launched on the market in 2008," said Marek Scheithauer, head of product management and product marketing for IC Trucks at Jungheinrich, adding that the proven concept in terms of the design, drive technology, ergonomics and safety features had all been retained.
Harry put the hydrostat rear ends on the floor with chalk marks showing the axle separation, and started building from there.
The hydrostat circuit drives the variable-speed drive of the crusher and is rated 200 gpm up to 5000 psi.
In simple terms, hydrostat trucks offer high levels of operator comfort and are particularly suited to highly intensive materials handling operations, whereas torque-converter trucks are at home in applications where the work schedule is less punishing.