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The univalent anionic group HS, or a chemical compound derived from hydrogen sulfide by replacement of one of the hydrogen atoms with a cationic metal or group.
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The key finding: cloud particles at the top of the great storm are composed of a mix of three substances: water ice, ammonia ice, and an uncertain third constituent that is possibly ammonium hydrosulfide.
Under the contract, SAIC will provide design-build services for a new Sodium Hydrosulfide (NaHS) Unit, a new Amine Unit, and the completion of a portion of an interconnecting piping project for the refineries.
2]S and worsened inflammation, the team injected mice with sodium hydrosulfide (Na[H.
To what extent do the kappa number of the pulp and the concentrations of hydroxide ion and hydrosulfide ion in the cooking liquor influence
The gas had formed due to a reaction of spilled sodium hydrosulfide solution with acidic wastewater in the sewer.
What was encountered was a wispy layer of what appeared to be ammonia clouds, then a mist possibly of ammonium hydrosulfide, and finally a layer of particles that they said could be helium rain.
The new facility, expected to be completed no later than the fourth quarter of 2012, will remove a portion of the sulfur from the crude oil refined at such complex and result in the potential addition of 24,000 dry standard tons ("dst") per year of sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS), the by-product Genesis receives for its sulfur removal services.
This is especially true for green liquor, an easily accessible and rich hydrosulfide source in kraft pulp mills, as part of a pretreatment stage program.
Scientists believe that below the visible cloud tops of ammonia reside layers of ammonium hydrosulfide and water vapor, but they found only wisps of gases and some evidence of water droplets.
Typically we receive the by-product of the process, sodium hydrosulfide, or NaHS (commonly pronounced "nash"), as compensation for providing the sour gas processing services.