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n. (used with a sing. verb)

hy′dro·ther′a·peu′tic adj.


(Medicine) (functioning as singular) the branch of medical science concerned with hydrotherapy
ˌhydroˌtheraˈpeutic adj


(ˌhaɪ droʊˌθɛr əˈpyu tɪks)

(used with a sing. v.) hydrotherapy.
hy`dro•ther`a•peu′tic, adj.
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via its national award-winning program of giving Safe Step Cares , is going to treat one special Mom this Mother's Day to one of it's world-class hydrotherapeutic tubs, for free.
Two state-of-the-art water basins provide kids with joyful hydrotherapeutic procedures.
The major markets for Chloramine-T are the aquaculture industry and hydrotherapeutic markets.
Whereas several historians have devoted considerable attention to the impact of British hill stations (which relied almost exclusively on climatic rather than hydrotherapeutic cures) on the maintenance of British colonialism in the tropics, Jennings is the first historian to devote serious attention to the role played by resorts in French colonialism in the tropics.
By associating the hydrotherapeutic techniques, using spring medicinal water, tap water or the seawater, with the new technologies, a service guided by natural and ancestral rituals (where technique, decoration and the surrounding soundscape are examples of the essential variables of service and inherently meticulously controlled), the rejuvenated spa label adapts and expresses itself through this new vision of health, which is increasingly defined as healthy, vitalising, positivist, global, holistic and symbolic.
These doctors, the author accused, were both lecherous and calculating, even guilty of trying to "cure" their patients through sexual rather than hydrotherapeutic means: "The chief Virtue ascrib'd to the Waters are the following two: They very often cure the Greensickness in Maids, and cause Fruitfulness in marry'd Women, provided they are but properly administered by a young vigorous Physician.