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n. hidrouréter, distensión por obstrucción del uréter.
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No radio-opaque lesion was seen on KUB radiograph.Ultrasonography showed mild right sided hydronephrosis with proximal hydroureter. Intravenous urography showed grade 2-3 right sided hydronephrosis and hydroureter possibly secondary to VUR.
IVP showed hydroureter and hydronephrosis on the left side (Figure 8).
USG features were suggestive of bilateral hydronephrosis and proximal hydroureter with dilatation of aorta.
Mild hydronephrosis was noted bilaterally without hydroureter along with small ileal perforation near ileo-ceacal junction and complete micro colon [fig.3].
(15) Renal ultrasonography is indicated in any woman suspected of having genitourinary tract involvement with the degree of hydroureter and level of obstruction noted during the exam.
[6] The enlarged uterus may also compress the urinary tract leading to hydroureter and hydronephrosis.
* On CT scan, size of lesion, presence/absence of hydroureter, hydronephrosis, and any loss of fat planes with bladder, rectum or both were noted.
Many patients with a markedly dilated renal-collecting system prior to ureteral reimplantation will have persistent hydroureter / hydronephrosis (similar to a latex balloon that does not return to its original size after it is blown up) after reimplantation.
The definitions of pyelectasis, hydroureter and megacystis will determine the intensity of investigations and frequency of follow-up, both antenatally and postnatally.
There was no evidence of hydronephrosis, hydroureter or perinephric collections.