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Of or containing the hydroxyl group.

[From hydroxyl.]


(Elements & Compounds) (of a chemical compound) containing one or more hydroxyl groups
[C19: hydro- + oxy(gen)]
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Adj.1.hydroxy - being or containing a hydroxyl group
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Micronutrients makes hydroxy trace minerals, which are marketed under the global brand name IntelliBond.
com/research/8fpfph/para_hydroxy) has announced the addition of the "Para Hydroxy Benzoic Acid (CAS 99-96-7) Market Research Report 2015" report to their offering.
Although it has been proved that hydroxyapatite particles increase in-vitro cellular proliferation and differentiation, not many studies have so far been carried out on the effect of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles stabilized on the polymeric bed of poly hydroxy alkanoate on cellular responds.
It falls into the set of ingredients called AHA's, or alpha hydroxy acids.
The crosslinking of hydroxy polymeric coatings is well known.
A search with Beilstein on line revealed that the compound might have 1,4 benzoquinone as a nucleus with hydroxy, methyl and methoxy groups as substituents (A).
removed the straight-chain hydroxy fatty acids and separated LTX-diol and iso-LTX-diol from the other components (Figure 4B).
BETA HYDROXY ACIDS: This is the same as Alpha Hydroxy but is less irritable to the skin.
Burlox BHT (butylated hydroxy toluene) primary antioxidant for use in rubber, polyolefins, PS, thermoplastics elastomers, and coatings.
Senior prosecutor Maeve Fox said in her opening statement that Luster, 38, who lives in the beachside community of Mussel Shoals, ``preys on young, vulnerable women'' by drugging them with gamma hydroxy butyrate, a drug also known as ``Liquid X.
The top product containing AHAs is Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque, pounds 20, a moisturising treatment containing a blend of Alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins.