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 (hī-drŏk′sə-lə-mēn′, hī′drŏk-sĭl′ə-mēn′, -sə-lăm′ĭn)
A colorless crystalline compound, H3NO, explosive when heated, that is used as a reducing agent and in organic synthesis.


(haɪˌdrɒksɪləˈmiːn; -ˈæmɪn; -ˈsaɪləˌmiːn)
(Elements & Compounds) a colourless crystalline compound that explodes when heated: a reducing agent. Formula: NH2OH


(haɪˌdrɒk sə ləˈmin, -səlˈæm ɪn)

an unstable, weakly basic, crystalline compound, NH3O, used as a reducing agent, analytical reagent, and chemical intermediate.
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Tenders invited for Hydroxylamine and lab chemicals
After that, 30 [micro]l of 4 mol/L hydroxylamine hydrochloride was added to the mixture and placed on ice for 10 min to quench any superfluous fluorescence.
This oxidation may be carried out through two metabolic routes: one which is present only in fungi, and another, very similar to autotrophic nitrification, in which heterotrophic microorganisms have an ammonium-monooxygenase enzyme, and one hydroxylamine oxidoreductase, similar to the autotrophic route, which oxidizes ammonium in a secondary manner, since these enzymes evolved to oxidize compounds such as propylene, benzene, phenol, methanol, and any other non-polar organic compound that serves as a source of carbon and energy (Bitton, 2005; Eldor, 2007).
12] carried out a one-pot-two-step conversion of PEN by glycolysis with diethylene glycol, followed by aminolysis with hydroxylamine and hydrazine, and showed that they produced 2,6-naphthalenedicarbohydroxamic acid in 96% and 2,6-naphthalenedicarbohydrazide in 85% overall yields.
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com) launched a novel plant-based dialkyl hydroxylamine antioxidant (DAHA).
An octaheme ctype cytochrome from Shewanella oneidensis can reduce nitrite and hydroxylamine.
Kono Y Generation of superoxide radical during autoxidation of hydroxylamine and an assay for superoxide dismutase.
For opiate, urine is treated first with acid to hydrolyse the glucuronides and with hydroxylamine, and then extracted with solid-phase extraction column.
An aliquot of 5 ml was put into a separatory funnel, was added 1 ml of 10% hydroxylamine solution, 1 ml of 3% ascorbic acid and was determined niobium using the proposed procedures.