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Readily absorbing moisture, as from the atmosphere.

hy′gro·scop′i·cal·ly adv.
hy′gro·sco·pic′i·ty (-skŏ-pĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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128) Although CLYC and other elpasolite scintillators have a high [alpha]/[beta] ratio and distinct functions of a pulse-shape discrimination of [gamma]-rays and neutrons, a large degree of hygroscopicity is a disadvantage for practical applications, as for La[Br.
Due to the low hygroscopicity of Palatinose the dough handling was good.
The maltodextrin has a higher glass transition temperature compared to milk powder, which contributes to the reduction of hygroscopicity and losses on the wall of the atomizer (Langrish, Chan, & Kota, 2007).
Energy density, heating value, viscosity, hygroscopicity and volatility of higher alcohols are in fact compatible with the requirements of existing distribution infrastructure (pipe lines, tanks etc.
hygroscopicity, caused by the incompleteness of the internal structure of CM and, accordingly, propensity to absorb atmospheric moisture;
By modeling, the possible hygroscopicity, as well as formation of shrinks and cracks during the drying process were ignored.
Given these reasons, as well as the importance of understanding the hygroscopicity of agricultural products, the objective of this study was to determine the adsorption isotherms of roasted coffee ground at different particle sizes.
Zinc chloride of chemical grade was used, due to its high hygroscopicity, as an aqueous solution.
Compared with NCF aerogels, the composites demonstrated lower hygroscopicity at high humidity.
Hygroscopicity of heat-treated wood III: Effect of steaming on the hygroscopicity of wood.
The hygroscopicity was expressed in terms of the % moisture (wet basis) (Arrazola et al.