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Readily absorbing moisture, as from the atmosphere.

hy′gro·scop′i·cal·ly adv.
hy′gro·sco·pic′i·ty (-skŏ-pĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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What are the physical, chemical, biological and, if applicable, mechanical properties including: physical description, pKa, chirality, polymorphism, aqueous solubility (as a function of pH), hygroscopicity, melting point(s), and partition coefficient and, when available, BCS classification?
Natural cellulosic fibers which belong to the category of flax, hemp, jute, and cotton have high hygroscopicity and their electrical properties are closely related to moisture content.
Moreover we studied out the effects of feed properties and drying conditions on the physical properties of the powder, like moisture content, bulk density, hygroscopicity, solubility time, and flow behavior.
its slow dissolution kinetics help to release flavours over a longer period of time and its very low hygroscopicity enhances the gum's shelf life.
The main properties of Si[O.sub.2] microsilica: density 2120 kg/[m.sup.3], bulk density (free-flow/compacted) 255/329 kg/[m.sup.3], specific surface area 3524 [m.sup.2]/kg, hygroscopicity 158%, natural fall angle 54[degrees].
Lactitol's low hygroscopicity helps to increase shelf-life, especially in humid conditions, and this is well utilized in compressed tablets, making it an excellent pharmaceutical excipient.
Applications include the impact of hygroscopicity, water sorption kinetics and water induced morphology changes (eg amorphous content) in pharmaceutical powders, tablets, APIs and excipient materials.
Due to their hydroxyl content, they exhibit hygroscopicity. The liquid Carbowaxes are more hygroscopic than the solids, but they are not as hygroscopic as glycerine.
The combination of low pressure drop (permitting use of a low-power sampling pump), low hygroscopicity (minimizing bound water interference in mass measurements), and low trace element background (improving analytical sensitivity) of these filters makes them highly appropriate for personal particle sampling.
Each variant exhibits the benefits of regular ISOMALT--including a sugar-like taste with only half the calories of sugar, low hygroscopicity, low glycemic response, and tooth-friendliness--but offers properties that fulfill the most demanding and challenging product development requirements:
This cure system has the disadvantages of yellowish color and hygroscopicity. More recently, there have been new developments toward overcoming the problems of colorability and hygroscopicity (ref.