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A membranous fold of tissue that partly or completely occludes the external vaginal orifice.

[Late Latin hymēn, from Greek humēn, thin skin, membrane; see syū- in Indo-European roots.]

hy′men·al adj.


n. Greek Mythology
The god of marriage.
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Adj.1.hymenal - of or relating to the hymen
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Hymenal anomalies occur if the genital tubercule fails to break-down.3,4 These anomalies may have a devastating impact on the potential for sexual activity and fertility.
The hymenal membrane separates the vaginal lumen from the urogenital sinus.
In device marketing materials, many devices have been claimed to have effects on multiple tissue types (for example, both vaginal mucosa and vulvar tissue), whereas others are said to have more focal and localized effects (that is, targeted behind the hymenal ring).
(2) A clinical pearl is that while LS may resemble abuse on exam, it rarely affects the hymenal structure.
modern contemporaries, (10) a hymenal membrane "which must be
Anterior vaginal wall defect is defined as descent of the anterior vagina so that the ureterovesical junction or any other point on the anterior vaginal wall is less than 3 cm from the hymenal ring.
Sometime presence of variable degree of hymen in birth canal may also lead to dystocia in such situation hymenal membrane may torn off by gentle digital manipulation, if it is too hard, incision is required.
POP is a common condition; however, its true prevalence is difficult to determine as POP typically remains asymptomatic until it descends to the hymenal ring or beyond.
As the labia minora begin to thin and regress, there is a withdrawal of the introitus and involution of the hymenal cara and loss of elasticity that can result in dyspareunia (Abernathy, 2014; Nappi & Palacios, 2014).
Points Aa and Ap are 3cm proximal to or above the hymenal ring anteriorly and posteriorly respectively.