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Of or relating to a wedding or marriage.
1. A wedding song or poem.
2. hymeneals Archaic A wedding; nuptials.

[From Latin hymenaeus, wedding song, wedding, from Greek humenaios, from Humēn, Hymen, from humēn, membrane; see hymen.]

hy′me·ne′al·ly adv.
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chiefly poetic of or relating to marriage
(Poetry) a wedding song or poem
ˌhymeˈneally adv
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(ˌhaɪ məˈni əl)

1. of or pertaining to marriage.
2. Archaic. a wedding song.
[1595–1605; < Latin hymenae(us) (< Greek hyménaios wedding song, derivative of Hymen Hymen) + -al1]
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Noun1.hymeneal - a wedding hymn
hymn, anthem - a song of praise (to God or to a saint or to a nation)
Adj.1.hymeneal - of or relating to a wedding or marriage; "hymeneal rites"
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Of, relating to, or typical of marriage:
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Had we not better appoint certain festivals at which we will bring together the brides and bridegrooms, and sacrifices will be offered and suitable hymeneal songs composed by our poets: the number of weddings is a matter which must be left to the discretion of the rulers, whose aim will be to preserve the average of population?
Any one above or below the prescribed ages who takes part in the public hymeneals shall be said to have done an unholy and unrighteous thing; the child of which he is the father, if it steals into life, will have been conceived under auspices very unlike the sacrifices and prayers, which at each hymeneal priestesses and priest and the whole city will offer, that the new generation may be better and more useful than their good and useful parents, whereas his child will be the offspring of darkness and strange lust.
The uninvited guests enveloped and permeated them, and upon the night air rose joyous cries, congratulations, laughter and unclassified noises born of McGary's oblations to the hymeneal scene.
In those uncivilized days, the Marriage Act had not been passed, and there was no convenient hymeneal registrar in England to change a vagabond runaway couple into a respectable man and wife at a moment's notice.
Ah whither shall thy bitter cry not reach, What crag in all Cithaeron but shall then Reverberate thy wail, when thou hast found With what a hymeneal thou wast borne Home, but to no fair haven, on the gale!
Bent upon these hymeneal projects, and with the applause and consent of Mrs.
Micawber had not yet been solicited to plight her faith at the Hymeneal altar.'
("Fanny" in eighteenth-century and in modern British slang = female pudendum.) The reference in the last three lines--"some willing victim bleeds"--is literally hymeneal. The solution to the final stanza, "a chimney sweep," must have been productive of much drawing-room mirth, not simply because it so cleverly catches up all the fire similes that run through the poem but because "chimney sweeping" was a well-known cant term for sexual intercourse.
resist evoking, too, the hymeneal conceit of the love poet.
Each duct is about 1.5-2 cm long and opens distal to the hymeneal ring; one at 5 and the other at 7 o'clock on the vestibule.
Margherita was found to suffer from an imperforate hymeneal tissue.
(3) Rose Zimbardo sees the dance of the cuckolds as a parody of the "Hymeneal blessing of the green world comedies of Shakespeare" in "Wycherley: The Restoration Juvenal," Forum 17 (1979): 17-26 (24).