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Noun1.Hymenopter - insects having two pairs of membranous wings and an ovipositor specialized for stinging or piercinghymenopter - insects having two pairs of membranous wings and an ovipositor specialized for stinging or piercing
insect - small air-breathing arthropod
Hymenoptera, order Hymenoptera - an order of insects including: bees; wasps; ants; ichneumons; sawflies; gall wasps; etc.
bee - any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species
wasp - social or solitary hymenopterans typically having a slender body with the abdomen attached by a narrow stalk and having a formidable sting
family Mutillidae, Mutillidae - a family of wasps
chalcid, chalcid fly, chalcid wasp, chalcidfly - any of various tiny insects whose larvae are parasites on eggs and larvae of other insects; many are beneficial in destroying injurious insects
ichneumon fly - hymenopterous insect that resembles a wasp and whose larvae are parasitic on caterpillars and other insect larvae
sawfly - insect whose female has a saw-like ovipositor for inserting eggs into the leaf or stem tissue of a host plant
ant, emmet, pismire - social insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers
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Order Number of species Diversity (MLE) Coleoptera 2 0.679 [+ or -] 0.023 Diptera 10 2.227 [+ or -] 0.012 Hemiptera 3 1.049 [+ or -] 0.053 Hymenopter 30 3.259 [+ or -] 0.049 Lepidoptera 32 3.267 [+ or -] 0.050 Order Richness (M) Coleoptera 0.351 [+ or -] 0.025 Diptera 1.963 [+ or -] 0.022 Hemiptera 0.602 [+ or -] 0.004 Hymenopter 5.113 [+ or -] 0.058 Lepidoptera 5.469 [+ or -] 0.062
Development of Pheidole megacephala (Hymenopter: Formicidae) colonies following ingestion of fenoxycar and pyriproxyfen.