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(ˈhɪm nl)

1. Also called hymn•book (-ˌbʊk) a book of hymns for use in a religious service.
2. of or pertaining to hymns.
[1535–45; (definition 1) < Medieval Latin hymnāle, n. use of neuter of hymnālis (adj.); (definition 2) < Medieval Latin hymnālis; see hymn, -al1, -al2]
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Noun1.hymnary - a songbook containing a collection of hymnshymnary - a songbook containing a collection of hymns
songbook - a book containing a collection of songs
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Many hymns are imports from earlier hymnaries, some others were produced in Visigothic Spain, and many others composed under Muslim occupation.
Typical of several early Toledan hymnaries, Perez's hymnary originally jumped from Pentecost to Corpus Christi, omitting hymns for the intervening feast of the Trinity which were available elsewhere in the psalter.
A new church had been formed but the same British hymnaries continued to support a Eurocentric worship model.