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n. pl. hym·no·dies
1. The singing of hymns.
2. The composing or writing of hymns.
3. The hymns of a particular period or church.

[Medieval Latin hymnōdia, from Greek humnōidiā : humnos, hymn + ōidē, song; see wed- in Indo-European roots.]

hym′no·dist (-dĭst) n.
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1. (Music, other) the composition or singing of hymns
2. (Music, other) hymns collectively
Also called: hymnology
[C18: from Medieval Latin hymnōdia, from Greek humnōidia, from humnōidein to chant a hymn, from hymn + aeidein to sing]
hymnodical adj
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(ˈhɪm nə di)

1. hymn singing or composition.
2. hymns collectively.
[1705–15; < Medieval Latin hymnōdia < Greek hymnōidía chanting of a hymn =hýmn(os) hymn + ōidía singing (aoid- sing (see ode) + -ia -ia)]
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1. the singing of hymns; hymnology.
2. the composition of hymns.
3. a study of hymns and their composers.
4. the preparation of expository material and bibliographies concerning hymns; hymnography. — hymnodist, n.
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Noun1.hymnody - the act of singing psalms or hymns
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music
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This vast Hutterian literary production included chronicles, correspondence, theological treatises, prison epistles, hymnody, and sermons.
His creative work spans a wide variety of genres and styles, including jazz, choral music, hymnody and liturgy, solo voice, chamber music and musical theater.
Both operas are catchily tuneful, Poulenc's in the frothy manner of French music hall, Ullmann's in the punchier mode of Kurt Weill's twists on Berlin cabaret and Lutheran hymnody. And then there's that Therese/Theresienstadt link, the latter having been named for the 18th-century empress whose 40-year reign encompassed two exceedingly long and bloody wars.
While there are essays on the Psalms (for example, "The Case of the Psalms and George Herbert") and on hymnody ("The Sacred Poetry of Watts and Wesley"), sadly, there are no essays on music because, according to the editor, "music is not best conveyed by words on the printed page" (7).
These folks, after all, love to sing "The Old Rugged Cross." I had to agree that much of the hymnody we call on, and a lot of the music chosen for choirs determined to sing cantatas, reflects just one theology of atonement.
The cultured atmosphere of the older universities floods every corner of the building, and even when the organ is silent, the air seems to vibrate with the simple, sterling hymnody of educated English voices.' To Basil Clarke, writing in the 1930s, 'his work is always charming; perhaps it may be found rather too much so.' More recently, Mordaunt Crook has echoed Webb: Bodley suffered from 'loss of nerve'.
In the history of German hymnody one could name Martin Luther (1483-1546) or the Harmonist Society under the leadership of George Rapp (1757-1847); (16) and John Calvin (1509-1564) for the Reformed tradition, as hymn writers who have left a legacy of distinctive theology in their texts.
Music of the old Czech masters and that of Antonin Dvoiik became our first publications, along with our arrangements of the Czech hymnody. The encouragement of the composer Vaclav Nelhybel, who became a mutual friend, was most affirming.
If I am in a hurry I say "No" but truth to tell there are two things that occasionally cause a pang: first, the splendid tradition of Anglican hymnody, albeit by the time I left the Anglicans had so degraded their musical heritage (dropping hymns like "Onward Christian Soldiers" and "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind" because someone somewhere might take offence and rewriting almost all other hymns to conform to the prevailing demands of political correctness) that in reality the musical loss was minimal.
The result is an eclectic collection of essays that explores topics as diverse as the changing repertory of the Anglican choral anthem, the role of British hymnody in the colonization of Madagascar, and the impact of Darwinian thought on nineteenth-century theories about music's spiritual basis.
Through a discussion of hymnody, featuring Isaac Watts, LeMay describes and illustrates the great impact of hymns on Dickinson's poetry.
He is also the author of several books on Lutheran music and hymnody. "Carl F.