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var. of hypo- before a vowel: hypalgesia.


1. hypotenuse.
2. hypothesis.
3. hypothetical.
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We determined that their mature structures are 21 amino acid long and contain one residue of sulfated tyrosine and two residues of Hyp. (10) One peptide is expressed in the stele, especially at the phloem pole, of the mature region of the primary roots, and the other one is in the root stele in the elongation and differentiation zones of both primary and lateral roots.
The subclasses of the GH distribution include the normalinverse Gaussian (NIG) distribution, the hyperbolic (HYP) distribution, and the variance-gamma (VG) distribution.
Hydroxyproline (HYP) and Total Antioxidant Capacity (T-AOC) Detection.
As shown in Figures 3(a) and 3(b), MSCs treated with low-magnitude compression exhibited significantly higher GAG (p < 0.05) and HYP (p < 0.01) contents compared with those of the FS group, demonstrating elevated ECM deposition under low-magnitude compressive stimulation.
We are repaying the money and that should settle it HYP EGBUNE fashanu's nigerian lawyer on the deal allegations
In sum, OCD, BDD, HYP, and EDs share the occurrence of repetitive UMI with contents related to the core fears of each disorder, although in some cases the UMI contents can even be similar (e.g., health issues, checking needs, order and symmetry, etc.).
On the other hand, Hyp is a lipophilic dianthraquinone with a wide absorbance spectrum [18].
Ar ol bachu roedd yn disgwyl am yr 'Hyp Jewel, ac roedd yn gwybod os oeddech chi wedi bachu'r trydydd boncyff ac yn rhoi mwy o nerth.
After comparison between the two groups with respect to percentage change before and after the surgical procedure for different variables under study, we found that the difference in mean percentage change between two groups was statistically not significant for any variables, namely NO P=0.842 (Graph 1), Hyp P = 0.286 (Graph 2), NEF P = 0.487 (Graph 3), QOL P = 0.191 (Graph 4), pain P = 0.821.
The Hyp content was determined at 560 nm with p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde and was expressed as milligrams per gram of the wet lung tissue.
Optical brighteners are also used in the production of uncoated fine paper, particularly in uncoated fine paper grades containing high-yield pulp (HYP).
Also, three criteria were defined for hyperkeratosis: Hyperkeratosis (Hyp; binary; '0' represented four healthy teats with no ring and '1' denoted at least one teat is in group two), number of hyperkeratotic teats (NumHyp) (with 5 classes; from '0' as none hyperkeratotic teat to '4' as four hyperkeratotic teats), and sum of degree of hyperkeratotic teats (DegHyp).