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Containing excessive acid; excessively acidic: a hyperacid stomach.

hy′per·a·cid′i·ty (-ə-sĭd′ĭ-tē) n.


(Pathology) excess acidity of the gastrointestinal tract, esp the stomach, producing a burning sensation
ˌhyperˈacid adj


(ˌhaɪ pər əˈsɪd ɪ ti)

excessive acidity, as of the gastric juice.
hy`per•ac′id (-ˈæs ɪd) adj.
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Noun1.hyperacidity - excessive acidity
acidity - pH values below 7


[ˈhaɪpərəˈsɪdɪtɪ] Nhiperacidez f


n. hiperacidez, acidez excesiva.
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After all, like Kipling, we were all carried in the womb for nine months--while the body in which we grew undergoes a sea change, replete with morning sickness, hyperacidity, constipation, back pain, gestational diabetes, and more--and delivered to the earth by way of blood and gore by a female of the species.
I want the presiding council to consider on the decision of the Appeal Court and also that my client has high blood pressure, cholesterol and hyperacidity,' Mengkhy said.
Prequalification are invited for Herbal Extract For The Treatment Of Various Types Of Cancers And (Ii) Neem Extract For Treating Gastric Hyperacidity And Ulcer.
The radio report also said that medical responders from the Manila Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO) immediately gave first aid treatment to Dela Cruz, who also complained of stomach pain due to hyperacidity.
These include hyperacidity, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, functional gastrointestinal disorders, infections, food intolerance (e.
Pangastritis (inflammation of the entire gastric lining) is associated with hypochlorhydria whereas antral predominant gastritis is associated with hyperacidity.
In advanced cases, it's associated with hyperoxia (excess oxygen in tissues) and vomiting due to uremic toxins and gastric hyperacidity.
About 44% students did not experience ill effects of consuming carbonated drinks while 56% experienced ill-effects of consuming carbonated beverages, among those hyperacidity 41% was the main ill effects they encounter after consuming carbonated drinks followed by belching 38%, nausea 11%, and sleep disturbance 10%.
Agnisar kriya stimulates the appetite and removes digestive disorders such as indigestion, hyperacidity, hypoacidity, flatulence, constipation and sluggishness of the liver and kidney.
It may be because of the hyperacidity that usually is seen associated with duodenal ulcers, which offers a favourable environment for the Helicobacter pylori to thrive.
Camel meat is also used for remedial purposes against diseases such as hyperacidity, hypertension, pneumonia and respiratory diseases.
or massage on treats pimples & acne affected areas wash, chew, and spit abate bleeding on the sap or juice cuts or wounds directly on affected area wash, chew, and cures person vomiting swallow the juice or with blood or "sugpa" sap wash, pound (with Marina-ot, young leaves), add a little water, and drink boil with water and for wounds, scabies, use as an antiseptic and post-partum care wash (vaginal wash) in women boil with water, relieves hyperacidity drink thrice a day Syzygium boil with water, treats diarrhea and malaccense drink thrice a day dysentery (L.