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Cherry cream soda was my fave - it kept me hyperactively screaming the Star who who to to and put right - it'd same Trek theme for several hours
The National Iranian American Council (NIAC), which maintains close links to both the White House and the Rouhani regime in Tehran, is busy selling the post-nuclear deal to the American public, but seems to be hyperactively blaming Saudi Arabia for the rise of extremism and sectarianism and for everything that is wrong with the Middle East today.
The premise of job creation and economic improvement is critical to Canadian state discourse and in contemporary terms, hyperactively (Preston, 2013).
Likewise, to avoid being associated with girls and their passive academic achievement, a boy might behave aggressively or hyperactively in school.
Other problem categories covered things like behaving hyperactively after having some fizzy drinks, lacking interest in the activity at hand, not complying in some situations, snatching reinforcers before completing the requested tasks, etc.
Even the water shrew that hyperactively scampered across the surface was feeding on the prolific hatch.
There, they labor hyperactively not to disclose meaning but to extract the value latent in their ever-flexible, niche-marketable identities.
Verbal wit is not the pic's strong suit, which would be fine if some of the mature cast members with a flair for comedy (like David Schneider, Prunella Scales or a criminally underused Jo Brand) were allowed to do more than mug hyperactively in a few scenes.