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Noun1.hyperbetalipoproteinemia - a genetic disorder characterized by high levels of beta-lipoproteins and cholesterol; can lead to atherosclerosis at an early age
hyperlipoproteinemia - any of various disorders of lipoprotein and cholesterol metabolism that result in high levels of lipoprotein and cholesterol in the circulating blood
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The aforementioned risk factors, including also genetic predisposition to low HDL-ch (<35 mg/dl), as well as free radical oxidation of LDL-ch and lipoprotein Lp(a) fractions, hyperbetalipoproteinemia, homocystinuria, oxidative modification of LDL-ch, together with the so-called uninhibited stimulated inflammatory response of leukocytes/endothelial cells, induce the cascade of atherosclerotic processes [2,3,10,23-25].
Some reversible components of the syndrome are overweight hypertriglyceridemia hyperbetalipoproteinemia dyslipidemia white coat hypertension impaired fasting glucose impaired glucose tolerance and smoking for the development of terminal consequences such as obesity diabetes mellitus (DM) hypertension (HT) coronary heart disease (CHD) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) cirrhosis chronic renal disease (CRD) peripherial arterial disease (PAD) stroke and other end-organ injuries.3-6
The progression from simple hepatocellular steatosis to NASH is associated with the above-identified biochemical alterations occurring in concert with systemic hypertriglyceridemia and hyperbetalipoproteinemia. The development of a rapid weight loss due to any of many different reasons that include a requirement for central hyperalimentation on exposure to various hepatotoxins including medically prescribed drugs can enhance the progression of NAFLD to NASH.