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 (hī′pər-bŏl′ĭk) also hy·per·bol·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Of, relating to, or employing hyperbole.
2. Mathematics
a. Of, relating to, or having the form of a hyperbola.
b. Of or relating to a geometric system in which two or more lines can be drawn through any point in a plane and not intersect a given line in the plane.
c. Of or relating to a hyperbolic function: hyperbolic cosine.

hy′per·bol′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.hyperbolically - in an exaggerated manner
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The sinister truth remained that, whether hyperbolically or parabolically borne away, the projectile would never again meet either the earth or the moon.
The visit altogether was one of the pleasantest larks he had ever had, not the less so perhaps because he suspected that his queer cousin Tertius wished him away: though Lydgate, who would rather (hyperbolically speaking) have died than have failed in polite hospitality, suppressed his dislike, and only pretended generally not to hear what the gallant officer said, consigning the task of answering him to Rosamond.
Mulvaney said Trump's words were exaggerated for effect "Does the president speak hyperbolically? Absolutely" and meant to draw attention to Democratic-backed investigations of the Republican president and his team in Washington.
The assembly at that time may have been laughing at Harold Macmillan's humorous riposte calling for an interpreter of the language of shoe-banging, but in the case of President Donald Trump they laughed because he was being hyperbolically boastful.
A writer friend puts it hyperbolically: If one is for Mr.
He has hyperbolically elevated a Latino gang, MS-13, to the greatest threat since Al Qaeda.
(17) Threats of violence and state attempts to control the movement of the population were such that one historian has described the wartime Soviet Union, only somewhat hyperbolically, as "a single forced labor camp." (18) And of course there was the actual labor camp universe, too, where histories of death and survival could also draw on Finkel's typology in order to make sense of what people did and did not do.
In an editorial titled, "The White House Puts the Bible Before the Hippocratic Oath," the editorialists warned hyperbolically:
The figure climaxes in a display of oversized, weighty, gnarled hands pulling towards its own hyperbolically bowed head, as if to clutch it in despair.
Yamashita, "Hyperbolic Hardy classes and hyperbolically Dirichlet-finite functions," Hokkaido Mathematical Journal, vol.
Other devices create elongational flow in conically or hyperbolically shaped nozzles or other mixing elements.
This piece transcended the hyperbolically hellish connotations of an underworld before the Bronze Age as much as it did the constellation of references that threatened to overtake many of the show's other inclusions.