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top: hyperboloid of one sheet
bottom: hyperboloid of
two sheets


Either of two quadric surfaces generated by rotating a hyperbola about either of its main axes and having a finite center with certain plane sections that are hyperbolas and others that are ellipses or circles.

hy·per′bo·loid′al (-loid′l) adj.


(Mathematics) a geometric surface consisting of one sheet, or of two sheets separated by a finite distance, whose sections parallel to the three coordinate planes are hyperbolas or ellipses. Equations x2/a2 + y2/b2z2/c2 = 1 (one sheet) or x2/a2y2/b2z2/c2 = 1 (two sheets) where a, b, and c are constants


(haɪˈpɜr bəˌlɔɪd)

a quadric having a finite center and some of its plane sections hyperbolas. Equation: x2/a2 + y2/b2z2/c2= 1.
hy•per`bo•loi′dal, adj.
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Noun1.hyperboloid - a quadric surface generated by rotating a hyperbola around its main axishyperboloid - a quadric surface generated by rotating a hyperbola around its main axis
quadric, quadric surface - a curve or surface whose equation (in Cartesian coordinates) is of the second degree
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In addition, the S8 uses a hyperboloid screen; which means that the border is almost hidden.
A picture of the hyperboloid was shown and in a world that looks like a hyperboloid, the fact that the sum of all the angles of a triangle is less than 180 was mentioned.
It primarily designs, develops and manufactures printed circuit board connectors and custom interconnects for high performance applications, all utilising the HYPERBOLOID contact design.
Zamyatin hopes that the time for such thrilling literature has come for new Russia as well, "the most fantastic of all the countries of modern Europe": "and the foundation is already laid off: Alexey Tolstoy's Aelita and Hyperboloid, the author's novel We, ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) [328]).
Propped against the gallery walls--and painted gaudy shades of yellow reminiscent of the Brazilian flag--album covers of bossa nova records (a genre rooted in the cariocan tradition) alternated with black-and-white photographs of modernist architecture and a series of detail shots of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Brasilia, whose characteristic hyperboloid form was designed by Brazil's most famous modernist, Oscar Niemeyer.
2) modifying the existing hydraulic mixing process for mechanical agitation using a hyperboloid stirrers;
Surfaces of constant values of these coordinates are for [xi] an ellipsoid, for n an hyperboloid of one sheet, and for equatorial angle [phi] a half-plane extending from polar axis z, the latter as in both spherical polar and paraboloidal coordinates.
Alumae presented a method for determining the critical pressure for an elastic thin shell of revolution with a boundary of a hyperboloid of one sheet, symmetrical to the thinnest part of the surface, with exclusive flat bottoms rigid in plane but flexible in bending out of its plane [33].
To overcome this problem, de Sitter found a solution by extending Einstein's cosmology in three-dimensional space to the four dimensional Minkowski space-time --a world of hyperboloid shape--and with no matter.
The normalized vector x lies on the one-sheet hyperboloid H = {x [member of] V |B(x, x) = 1}.