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top: hyperboloid of one sheet
bottom: hyperboloid of
two sheets


Either of two quadric surfaces generated by rotating a hyperbola about either of its main axes and having a finite center with certain plane sections that are hyperbolas and others that are ellipses or circles.

hy·per′bo·loid′al (-loid′l) adj.


(Mathematics) maths resembling the shape of a hyperboloid
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Adj.1.hyperboloidal - having the shape of a hyperboloid
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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Their method of proof, the Hyperboloidal Foliation Method, extends the standard "vector field method" developed for massless fields, and importantly, does not use the scaling vector field of Minkowski space.
To design a planar acoustic lens, a hyperboloidal phase profile is employed on the metasurfaces.
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This section presents applications of free vibration analysis on circular cylindrical shells, hyperboloidal shells, and spherical shells using the proposed dynamic stiffness method.
[91] investigated a solar concentrator containing primary paraboloidal and secondary hyperboloidal mirrors by using the ray tracing method to obtain higher concentration ratio.
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