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Noun1.hypercellularity - the state of having abnormally many cells
cellularity - the state of having cells
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On MR, SFT usually presents with intermediate intensity on T1-weighted image and heterogenous hypointense on T2-weighted image, which is related to hypercellularity or collagen.
Although it was totally excised, clinical and radiological follow-up were advised due to the hypercellularity, mitosis and MIB-1 proliferation index.
Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy were consistent with peripheral blood and demonstrated hypercellularity with about 41% blast cells (figure 2).
Histopathological changes like glomerular adhesions, glomerular crescent formation, tubular necrosis, tubular vacuolar degeneration, mesangial hypercellularity, interstitial fibrosis, vascular sclerosis, capillary wall thickness, tubular cast and interstitial inflammation.
BME demonstrated hypercellularity in the erythroid series.
But in our case due to the absence of hematuria and the classical features such as mesangial segmental hypercellularity, increased mesangial matrix and granular IgA deposits in the mesangium, the possibility of IgA nephropathy was ruled out.
Enchondroma of hand, juxtacortical lesion and multiple enchondromatosis may present with atypia and hypercellularity which are commonly found in malignant lesions.
Rapid growth, hypercellularity, reactive cytologic atypia, and high mitotic activity are common findings in reactive processes.
The most striking histological features was the presence of large pleomorphic cells with hypercellularity and a prominent fascicular pattern.
Imaging Characteristics of Common Vascular Anomalies Lesion Morphology Enhancement T2 signal Hemangioma Lobular, ++ + (Phase 1) hypervascular VM Trans-spatial, ++ ++ common phleboliths LM Large cystic spaces - ++ (macrocystic) LM Multiseptated; very +/- + (microcystic) small cystic spaces AVM Vascular flow voids + + without discrete mass Lesion Comments Hemangioma Only moderately increased T2 signal (Phase 1) reflects hypercellularity VM High T2 signal reflects low cellularity LM Image like cysts; hemorrhagic fluid levels (macrocystic) common LM Low fluid content; may appear solid (microcystic) AVM Hyperperfusion results in tissue edema Table 4.
This feature is because of their hypercellularity. Also, lymphomas are homogenously enhancing lesions.