hyperchromic anemia

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Noun1.hyperchromic anemia - anemia characterized by an increase in the concentration of corpuscular hemoglobin
anemia, anaemia - a deficiency of red blood cells
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These findings may be a presentation macrocytic hyperchromic anemia.
As a result, in this study, it was observed that abnormalities in erythrocytosis and microcytic hypochromic anemia when only taken at different doses (15 and 30 ppm) of NaF and taking together at different doses (15 and 30 ppm) of NaF and DMBA (10 mg/kg) erythropenia and macrocytic hyperchromic anemia for 12 weeks of administration period.
The main laboratory findings included a mild macrocytic hyperchromic anemia, hypoglobulinemia, decreased bile acids, and increased alkaline phosphatase.