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Highly or acutely aware.


characterized by being more aware or conscious than normal


(ˌhaɪ pərˈkɒn ʃəs)

acutely aware.
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But it can go in the other direction too, when they're more hyperconscious of its power and of how it can color things.
I am hyperconscious of how I take up space and I resent having to be this way, so when people around me aren't mindful of how they take up space, I feel pure rage, I am seething with jealously.
least by the hyperconscious writers themselves, as in the case of the
Deren's dreamlike films Meshes of the Afternoon, 1943, and The Very Eye of Night, 1959, function as mirrors of a time when people looked to the unconscious for the strength to escape capitalism--often by way of drugs--in contrast to the present situation, in which more and more people seem to take so-called smart drugs to become hyperconscious and perform better at work.
H]e never speaks; he is not on the hyperconscious plane which the others inhabit, but rather represents an unconscious ease and naturalness of existence, a perfect accommodation with reality, which the others all long for but can never reach.
Over the course of a few weeks, she was hyperconscious of these questions and recorded her observations while forming a plan.
While White Americans may commit these microaggressions subconsciously, African Americans are hyperconscious in our development of, and engagement in, proactive and reactive behaviors.
In exploring the way in which these formerly apolitical authors turn into politically hyperconscious authors by intervening in their texts and creating patriotic nationalist male figures, I argue that they have shifted from political silence to political engagement and, by doing so, they appropriate the authority of writing the post-revolutionary national discourse, henceforth establishing a new geography of gender in Tunisia.
One might think to counter this contract theory with books like TheSound and the Fury, where the voice changes completely from pre-conscious Benjy to hyperconscious Quentin to Jason, who is primarily conscious of money.
I also forced myself to be hyperconscious of traffic, knowing that my rig was a yellow dot on someone's streaky wind shield.
I feel as though I have been conditioned to be hyperconscious about my physical appearance--with no regard to my overall health and happiness.
If synchronization were the key to consciousness, you would expect the seizures to make people hyperconscious instead of unconscious, he said.