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An increase in the quantity of blood flow to a body part; engorgement.

hy′per·e′mic (-mĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.hyperemic - relating to or caused by hyperemia
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On bronchoscopic examination, the left lower lobe bronchial openings were found to be nearly occluded and inflamed showing by rough, hyperemic, and swollen mucous membrane [Figure 1]c.
Pulpectomy in hyperemic pulp and accelerated root resorption in primary teeth: a review with associated case report.
The piriformis muscle and tendon were normal in the patients and the obturator internus muscle of each was very tense, slightly hyperemic and hypertrophic.
Approximately 40 minutes later, she experienced tongue swelling, slurred speech, shortness of breath, diffuse urticaria, and a hyperemic rash on the upper body.
3[degrees]C, mildly hyperemic conjunctiva, and a slight rash on his trunk.
Two wide-based, polypoid, solid and hyperemic masses were resected from the anterior bladder wall.
Both eye fundus examination showing hyperemic disc with blurring of disc margins and mild attenuated blood vessels suggestive of papilloedema (Figure 2).
The conjunctiva was hyperemic and there was intense follicular reaction in the lower fornix (Figure 1B).
During surgery, a hyperemic and enlarged appendix caused by a brownish mass in the middle part of the organ was found; therefore, a standard appendectomy was performed.
Lactate was measured in hyperemic earlobes blood samples at the end of every stage.
Heat signs recorded were mucus discharge, swelling of vulva, bellowing, hyperemic vestibule, Flehman response by bull, stand to be mounted by bull (last two signs recorded only in buffaloes exposed to bull).