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An increase in the quantity of blood flow to a body part; engorgement.

hy′per·e′mic (-mĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.hyperemic - relating to or caused by hyperemia
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Peak velocity (−17.5 percent) and the hyperemic index (−25.8 percent) were reduced and time to peak velocity was delayed (29.6 percent).
Fistulization of the mass to the skin was observed, and the overlying skin was hyperemic. Facial nerve functions were normal.
The pharynx was hyperemic. Hepatomegaly was observed with abdominal palpation.
The left eye was hyperemic and had alternating exotropia with proptosis.
Previous publications suggested that craniotomy is superior to burr holes for SDE.[3],[5] Burr-hole drainage has a high recurrence rate and may cause damage to friable hyperemic cortex from the catheter, wash solution, or antibiotics.
There were hyperemic areas in the renal pelvis (Figure 2).
Extraoral examination demonstrated a diffuse fluctuant swelling with pus discharge, and the overlying skin appeared hyperemic. There was also an area with necrotic ulcer, which measured about 6 cmx4 cm in its widest diameter (figure 1a).
Gross pathologic findings ranged from no obvious lesions in mildly affected toads to thickened colonic walls with hyperemic serosal vasculature and hemorrhagic content in severely affected toads (Figure 1, panel A).
On fundus examination, the optic discs of both eyes were edematous and hyperemic. In the right eye, a soft exudate was observed inferior to the optic disc and the lower half of the macula was ischemic (Figures 1A, IB).
Her lips and tonsils were hyperemic and she had diffuse, confluent, maculopapular erythematous eruptions on her whole body, which faded when compressed.
The cut surface of the mass was white and hyperemic. In microscopic examination, it was a highly vascular tumor composed of thin-walled vessels.