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An increase in the quantity of blood flow to a body part; engorgement.

hy′per·e′mic (-mĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.hyperemic - relating to or caused by hyperemia
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iFR is a novel method that does not require any hyperemic drugs but the method awaits clinical outcome data.
The iFR Modality is a physiologic measurement performed using the same Volcano pressure measurement guide wires and equipment used by catheterization labs for Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR), but it avoids the administration of hyperemic agents into the patient that induce stress to the heart to increase blood flow.
The sclera of the left eye was moderately hyperemic at the medial canthus; mild epiphora was present.
Lower extremity blood flow and hyperemic responses to occlusion are augmented by ambulation training.
14,18) A heterogeneous, enlarged and hyperemic testis is characteristic of orchitis.
Vital signs and physical examination findings were normal, except for hyperemic oropharyngeal mucosa and swollen bilateral lower eyelids and the cheeks.
In all 28 patients, the disease started as a poorly defined area of tender hyperemic erythema with progression to healthy tissue.
On pysical examination, the axillary fever was found to be 39 [degrees]C, the sclerae were subicteric, a hyperemic and adherent lymphadenomegaly with a size of 5x5 cm was found in the right cervical region and hepatosplenomegaly was present.
One could conjecture that synovial tissue is more hyperemic than normal tissue in chronic inflammatory arthritides like rheumatoid arthritis, which may portend to an increased risk of hematogenous spread of tumor.
Any new dentin deposits forming at this time are now similar to osteodentin; the pulp atrophies and is hyperemic.