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Having the minor component present in a larger amount than in the eutectic composition of the same components.


(ˌhaɪpəjuːˈtɛktɪk) or


(Chemistry) (of a mixture or alloy with two components) containing more of the minor component than a eutectic mixture. Compare hypoeutectic
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It is worth noting that the silicon amount in the mother alloy is only 10.9%, which is less than the hypereutectic composition.
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Recent work on the solidification of hypereutectic Al-Si alloys (having between 15-20% silicon) has focused on the solubility of barium in the silicon phase.
The traditional defense by the minerals industry against erosion of slurry flow equipment has been to use specialized wear-resistant materials, such as white iron with various hypereutectic alloys and carbides.
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XRD and DSC results showed that zinc-aluminum alloy prepared in this work was a hypereutectic structure in which the weight percentage of zinc was 89.71% and the weight percentage of aluminum was 10.29%.
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The starting materials consisted of [Mg.sub.67][Zn.sub.30][Y.sub.3] quasicrystal alloy (with a chemical composition of Zn (50.86 wt%), Y (7.02 wt%), and Mg balance) and hypereutectic Al-17.5Si alloy (with a chemical composition of Si (17.5 wt%) and Al balance).
The connecting rods are forged steel: "Again, because of the loads." The pistons are made with a hypereutectic alloy and designed with a thick crown area and use a special ring pack so that the boost pressure and heat generated by the turbo system can be handled.
The alloy is hypereutectic and based on nano-structural aluminum.