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n. hiperhidratación, aumento excesivo del contenido de agua en el cuerpo.
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Fecal matter adds to hyperhydration of the skin due to chemical, bacterial, and mechanical aggravation, as well as enzymes in the stool, all of which contribute to skin breakdown (Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society [WOCN] Continence Committee, 2013).
Impact of hyperhydration on the mortality risk in critically ill patients admitted in Intensive Care Units: Comparison between bioelectrical impedance vector analysis and cumulative fluid balance recording.
The 59-year-old was diagnosed with water poisoning, or hyperhydration, which causes a fatal disturbance in brain functions and imbalance of electrolytes in the body.
We believe that the lower levels of urea may have been caused by iatrogenic hyperhydration during the early postoperative period in the ICU.
The presence of macrocytes was not related to changes of plasma osmolality or hyperhydration of red cells.
As hypohydration or hyperhydration might affect the results of BIA, patients verbally verified that they had not engaged in any activities that might affect hydration such as excessive alcohol consumption or exercise in the previous 12 h.
Effect of dehydration rehydration and hyperhydration in the black Moroccan goat.
Recently, a study using BCM technology to define hydration status showed that hyperhydration is an independent predictor of mortality [8].
These fishes are active hyper-osmoregulators as they have to face hyperhydration and ion losses by simple diffusion.
Glycerol use in hyperhydration and rehydration: scientific update.
2012) working with medicinal plant (Rhodiola cremulata) related that forced ventilation was employed in the temporary immersion bioreactor in order to decrease the hyperhydration rate, which improve shoot quality and enhance the multiplication ratio when compared with the others micropropagtion methods.