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 (hī′pər-lĭp′ĭ-dē′mē-ə, -lī′pĭ-)
An excess of fats or lipids in the blood. Also called hyperlipemia.
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Noun1.hyperlipidemia - presence of excess lipids in the blood
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
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n. hiperlipidemia, exceso de lipidos en la sangre.
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n hiperlipidemia
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"Hyperlipidemia refers to an elevation in cholesterol and/or triglycerides in the bloodstream," explains Jessica Pena, MD, director of HeartHealth, the cardiovascular prevention program of the Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging at NewYork-Presbyterian/ Weill Cornell.
Hyperlipidemia results in increased serum total cholesterol (TC), low-density lipoprotein (LDL), and very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) and decreased high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels, which are the risk factors for coronary heart diseases (5).
Dog (canis familiaris) breeds most prone to manifest hyperlipidemia are Miniature Schnauzers and Brittany Spaniels, due to an autosomic recessive hereditary defect in the lipid metabolism [2, 19, 20].
Taleb H Al-Tel, Director of the Sharjah Institute of Medical Research, the brain behind the discovery, told Gulf News: "This new molecule can not only target cancer, hyperlipidemia and many infectious diseases, it can also act against multi-drug resistant pathogens.
As no such local published material could be found, the purpose of the current study was to determine the role of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smoking and positive family history of diabetes and hypertension in the development of diabetic retinopathy with the hope that the results of this study would help in early identification of high risk diabetic patients allowing timely intervention to reduce the burden of diabetic retinopathy.
Unless children are homozygous for one of the genetic defects associated with familial hyperlipidemia, they may not have signs or symptoms until they reach their twenties or thirties.
While statins provide the main support for treating hyperlipidemia.4 This group of drugs (Statins)6 act to decrease the de novo synthesis of cholesterol by blocking the rate-limiting enzyme, HMG-CoA reductase of the de novo pathway.
While HAART has become the standard of care, the medications have been associated with metabolic abnormalities recognized to cause cardiovascular disease (CVD), such as hyperlipidemia (Kotler, 2003).
CoQ10 and CoQ10H2 are important elements of the electron transport chain and may be useful biomarkers of oxidative stress, thus of primary importance in clinical diagnosis of diseases such as atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and coronary artery disease.
* Disease management measures (diabetes, asthma, hyperlipidemia)
In our nation's fight against obesity, physical inactivity, diabetes, hypertension, smoking and hyperlipidemia, we can make a difference by helping our patients follow a lifestyle that leads to good health, active living and a long life.
The researchers also examined cases of diabetes and hyperlipidemia (excess fat or lipids in the blood), conditions that are risk factors for heart disease and linked to the use of HAART.