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n. dismetría, afección del cerebelo que incapacita el control de la distancia en movimientos musculares.
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Videonystagmography showed no smooth pursuit, saccades had prolonged latencies to the right and were dysmetric with lateropulsion to the right (hypermetria to the right and hypometria to the left).
The inability to perform natural mating, identified after the 20th day of the experiment in Group I and II goats, probably represents the onset of cerebellar dysfunction, considering that severe clinical neurological signs, such as ataxia, hypermetria and motor incoordination, were only observed after the 35th day of the experiment.
In a simple rapid movement in PD patients, the first output strength does not reach a target, termed "hypometria", in contrast with "hypermetria" in the cerebellar ataxia.
A previously unknown disease, elaphostrongylosis (Steen and Rehbinder 1986, Stuve 1986), was reported in the 1980s and sick animals were characterized by locomotive abnormalities such as ataxia, incoordination, swaying of the hindquarters, broad and stamping gait, and a certain way of hypermetria that suggested paralysis of ascending proprioceptive nerve fibers (Steen and Roepstorff 1990).
The patient is asked to look back and forth between the targets while the practitioner looks for saccadic abnormalities such as: hypometria (undershooting), hypermetria (overshooting), dysconjugate gaze and signs of ataxia.
Finger-Nose Test.(hypometria if stops before nose or Hypermetria if stops after the nose)