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1. Having one or more syllables in addition to those found in a standard metrical unit or line of verse.
2. Being one of these additional syllables.

hy·per′me·ter (hī-pûr′mĭ-tər) n.
hy′per·met′ri·cal adj.
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Other ocular conditions include nystagmus, weakness of the orbicularis oculi muscle, abnormal pupil reactions and hypermetric / hypometric saccades.
He then revised the symphony in 1876-77 as part of the hypermetric regularization to which he subjected his large-scale works in the mid-to-late 1870s--and he probably made further changes in 1884.
Singing with a movement that organizes the 2-bar unit hypermetric pulse helps the student feel the larger phrase units that correspond with the text.
Most notably, unpredictable phrase lengths, suffixes, and the delayed establishment of hypermetric patterns represent Osmin's volatility throughout his solo and ensemble numbers.
Weight above 45 kg corresponds to large or hypermetric animals, between 35 and 45 kg medium or eumetric animals and below 35 kg, small or elipometric animals.
(33) He cares about having the "right" number of lines in a text made up of couplets, but he does not worry about meter, often inserting words that render the line hypermetric. Smithers points out that many of the interventions "disagree with one or more of the other MSS....
At the ophthalmological examination the patient presented positive menace test, and altered distance perception and object details to the obstacle test, resulting in an unsecure, uncoordinated and hypermetric walking.
In this scene, Hildeburh and Wealhtheow are juxtaposed to one another by the change of pace and rhythm, as the verses announcing Wealhtheow's presence are hypermetric.
Among the topics are the vernacular practice of naming the liturgical year, comparing the versions of the Old English Gospels in a semantic and syntactic study of periphrastic "model verb + infinitive" construction, metrical influences on constructions with complex predicates in Old English hypermetric verse, the pronoun it and the dating of Middle English texts, and changes in the clausal complement of the copulative perception verbs in American English.
The cerebellum is concerned with hypometric and hypermetric states and produces dysmetria of thought.
In proportional (isometric) growth the slope approximates 1.0, while allometric growth is indicated when the slope deviates substantially from it; hypermetric when slope >1 and hypometeric when <1 (Shingleton et al.
Primary saccade could be too small (hypometric) and too large (hypermetric) with respect to the intended target position.