1. Having one or more syllables in addition to those found in a standard metrical unit or line of verse.
2. Being one of these additional syllables.

hy·per′me·ter (hī-pûr′mĭ-tər) n.
hy′per·met′ri·cal adj.
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Real acting" is not the ability to observe syllabic precision (in this case, it is easy to imagine an eighteenth-century critic faulting Branagh for taking a hypermetrical pause) but to make a story out of the silence.
Does not that hypermetrical, falling syllable bring each observation to a clattering, clownish halt?
On this scansion line 8 remains anomalously hypermetrical, and inescapably so, its first foot a great thumb or superdactyl with four slacks instead of the prescribed two; but this becomes the only special accommodation the prosodist has to make in these three stanzas.
The introduction of the hypermetrical 'leafy' into 1.