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Exceptionally exact or vivid memory, especially as associated with certain mental illnesses.

hy′perm·ne′sic (-zĭk, -sĭk) adj.


(Medicine) med characterized by an unusually poignant and accurate memory of the past
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Everything that happens to me, including the narrative that I will attempt to make of it, already has been predicted and pre-narrated in its dated singularity, prescribed in a sequence of knowledge and narration, within it, by a hypermnesic machine capable of storing in an immense epic work, along with the memory of the West and virtually all the languages in the world up to and including traces of the future.
The only exception has been a recognition test which does not seem to produce a reliable hypermnesic effect, especially when a standard list learning paradigm is employed (Otani & Hodge, 1991; Payne & Roediger, 1987; but see Erdelyi & Stein, 1981).
Item gains and losses during hypermnesic recall: Implications for the item-specific and relational information.