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Noun1.hypermotility - excessive movement; especially excessive motility of the gastrointestinal tract
illness, sickness, unwellness, malady - impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism
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Inhibitory effect of cannabichromene, a major non-psychotropic cannabinoid extracted from Cannabis sativa, on inflammation-induced hypermotility in mice.
Considering indomethacin (a non-selective COX inhibitor) as the main model of injury to the gastric mucosa induced by NSAID in animals, a recent review on pathogenesis (50) reached the following conclusions: 1) concomitant inhibition of COX-1 (a constitutive isoenzyme) and COX-2 (an induced isoenzyme) is needed for the development of gastric mucosa injuries; 2) COX-1 inhibition and the consequent [PGE.sub.2] deficiency may be responsible for gastric hypermotility which, in turn, causes vascular injury, microcirculation disorders and reduced mucosal blood flow.
Hence, hypo- or hypermotility of the GI tract cannot be reliably diagnosed in sedated birds unless specific reference values have been established for specific sedation protocols in different avian species.
As a result, the sperm enters the so-called hypermotility state, and it is this state which allows for a curved path of travel, leading to the escape from the epithelial cells of the fallopian tube, subsequent penetration of the zona pellucida, and ultimately fertilization of the ovum.
The effect of progesterone on human sperm motility and induction of sperm hypermotility is less clear and it is controversial (16).
COX-1 inhibition by the use of NSAIDs causes gastric hypermotility This mechanism is unclear but could assume restricted blood flow with high amplitude, resulting in tissue hypoxia and microvascular damage.
Melville, "Hypermotility in Clostridium perfringens strain SM101 is due to spontaneous mutations in genes linked to cell division" Journal of Bacteriology, vol.
Drugs that relax the intestinal smooth muscles are often used as antidiarrheal agent because they inhibit intestinal hypermotility (increase peristalsis) which usually accompanies diarrhea [26].
Lodoen, "Toxoplasma gondii disrupts integrin signaling and focal adhesion formation during monocyte hypermotility," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Any reason that causes intestinal hypermotility may be also the causative for intussusception (Okomoto et al ., 2007).