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A word whose meaning includes the meaning of a more specific word; for example, animal is a hypernym of elephant.

[hyper- + (-o)nym (on the model of hyponym, taken as hypo- + -nym).]

hy′per·nym′ic (-nĭm′ĭk) adj.


(Linguistics) another name for superordinate3
[C20: hyper- + Greek onoma name]
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Noun1.hypernym - a word that is more generic than a given word
word - a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"
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opa 'mountain' is a hypernym (generic name), while Russian conka 'bald mountain, hill, cliff, sopka' are hyponyms (specific names).
Hypernym and hyponym establish meaning inclusion, in the sense that the meaning of the hyponym is included in the hypernym.
The term "list" is used as a hypernym that comprises special forms such as the catalogue and the genealogy, and rhetorical figures such as enumeration and accumulation.
Also, if the explanatory word represents a hypernym of the Japanese term, the naturalness of the text is preserved even for those readers who may have some cultural knowledge and may understand the Japanese term.
Small mutations are replacements of a word with its synonym, antonym, meronym, holonym, hypernym or hyponym.
The hypernym for all these that Burke used is "Dramatism.
ArWn Evaluation Features Semantic Relation No of Correct Relation Relation Attribute 13 11 Cause 11 9 Class member:Category 10 8 Class member:Region 6 4 Class member:Usage 3 2 Pertainym 12 8 Substance holonym 11 8 Substance meronym 11 8 Member meronym 21 15 Member holonym 21 19 Part meronym 6 4 Part holonym 6 4 Hyponym 138 99 Instance hyponym 6 4 Entails 6 4 Antonym 6 5 Similar 5 4 Derived 26 20 See also 6 5 Verb group 5 5 Participle 3 2 Hypernym 37 31 Troponym 2 2 Disharmonies 2 2 Derived related form 2 2 Total 375 285 Semantic Relation Precision Percentage Attribute 15.
This hypernym has the advantage to be already used in the context of various payments (EU funds or staff income).
On the other hand, contraffazione shows the hypernyms atto ("act"), azione ("action"), copia ("copy"), and riproduzione ("reproduction")'; but the hypernym of contraffattore ("counterfeiter") is just individuo ("individual").
A hypernym is a term that is semantically more generic than another term (e.