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A word whose meaning includes the meaning of a more specific word; for example, animal is a hypernym of elephant.

[hyper- + (-o)nym (on the model of hyponym, taken as hypo- + -nym).]

hy′per·nym′ic (-nĭm′ĭk) adj.
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(Linguistics) another name for superordinate3
[C20: hyper- + Greek onoma name]
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Noun1.hypernym - a word that is more generic than a given word
word - a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"
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Partners on board include McKinsey & Company, Dubai Police, PwC, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, Dimension Data, du, Hypernym, Samsung, Audi and Careem.
They fall under the general term of color, which is the hypernym.
Problem hiperonimije (hypernym problem) joU je 1989.
(1) Adivasi is a hypernym for a composite group of aboriginal tribal groups of South Asia.
In the specialised literature, the Russian orographic term [??]opa 'mountain' is a hypernym (generic name), while Russian conka 'bald mountain, hill, cliff, sopka' are hyponyms (specific names).
Here, cognitive mimetics has been introduced as a hypernym for different design approaches using higher (human) cognitive processes as a source of imitation in design.
Unlike Jesus (who distanced himself from the Fang in power) Rita, who belongs to the Anabonese group, assumes the defects of the hypernym (Guinean society) switching to the plural "we/ourselves."
QMobile also presented the memento of thanks to co-partners which includePTA, Islamabad United, Hypernym, Pathfinder Group, KEENU and HYFENTER.
If the [o.sub.c] is more generic than [i.sub.k], denoted by [i.sub.k] [subset or equal to] [o.sub.c], [o.sub.c] is a hypernym word and [i.sub.k] is a hyponym word.
The term "list" is used as a hypernym that comprises special forms such as the catalogue and the genealogy, and rhetorical figures such as enumeration and accumulation.
Also, if the explanatory word represents a hypernym of the Japanese term, the naturalness of the text is preserved even for those readers who may have some cultural knowledge and may understand the Japanese term.