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top: normal eye with light focused on the retina
bottom:hyperopic eye with light focused behind the retina


An abnormal condition of the eye in which vision is better for distant objects than for near objects. It results from the eyeball being too short from front to back, causing images to be focused behind the retina. Also called farsightedness, hypermetropia.

hy′per·ope′ (hī′pə-rōp′) n.
hy′per·o′pic (-ō′pĭk, -ŏp′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.hyperopic - abnormal ability to focus of distant objects
ophthalmology - the branch of medicine concerned with the eye and its diseases
farsighted, presbyopic - able to see distant objects clearly
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76%) subjects myopic M Ghatak, H Sowbhagya, (2013) (12) found equal number of hyperopic presbyopes and myopic presbyopes.
Lempert R Retinal area and optic disc rim area in amblyopic, fellow, and normal hyperopic eyes: a hypothesis for decreased acuity in amblyopia.
Myopic refractive errors are corrected by irradiating the periphery of the IOL and hyperopic adjustments are made through irradiation of the centre.
At the time there were a small number of commercially available hyperopic OK lenses, but only two published scientific papers within the preceding decade.
He has one or two myopic parents, is less hyperopic than expected for his age, and may also exhibit esophoria and accommodative lag at near.
There is some recent evidence that children of up to 12 years wearing a full or partial hyperopic prescription have different decreases in their refractive error over time that is statistically significant, but clinically small (0.