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An artistic style characterized by highly realistic graphic representation.

hy′per·re′al·ist adj. & n.
hy′per·re′al, hy′per·re′al·ist′ic adj.
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1. (Art Terms) involving or characterized by particularly realistic graphic representation
2. (Sociology) distorting or exaggerating reality
3. (Philosophy) distorting or exaggerating reality
4. (Sociology) pertaining to or creating a hyperreality
5. (Philosophy) pertaining to or creating a hyperreality
6. (Sociology) the hyperreal that which constitutes hyperreality
7. (Philosophy) the hyperreal that which constitutes hyperreality
8. (Mathematics) short for hyperreal number
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Above is a naturalistic oasis of trees, plants and flowers with medicinal, environmental and nutritional benefits, along with sustainable cork garden furniture; below is the "hyperreal" horticultural laboratory of the future, with LED lighting that speeds plant growth and aeroponic growing, where nutrient-rich water is sprayed on the roots of vegetables, herbs and salad.
simulacrum." (Baudrillard 1981, 6) The hyperreal according to
They include devotional portraits by Murillo and depictions of saints by Zurbaran, as well as seven of Pedro de Mena's hyperreal, polychromed woodcarvings.
Kakutani sees hyperreal AI fakes as just the latest heavy blow to the concept of objective reality.
On the contrary, he examines those phenomena that call attention to their own artificiality-"instances where the American imagination demands the real thing and, to attain it, must fabricate the absolute fake; where the boundaries between game and illusion are blurred." Because they make no claim of authenticity, hyperreal simulations are therefore not bound to realistic expectations, and they call into question whether the real thing matters in the first place.
In another, the still surface of an ice-blue lake has an almost hyperreal sheen that speaks of the sublime.
Such is the hyperreal, hyper-malleable nature of reality in a place such as Seoul, which is why the hyperreal, hyper-malleable structure of the DDP in the center of the city is so apropos, in terms of the age of which Seoul is the herald.
Liu filled Bonakdar's second-floor gallery with impeccably crafted photographic collages printed at 400 dpi to hyperreal effect.
Vegas was 'hyperreal': 'a reality dominated by symbols and signs bereft of a profound meaning.'
I found Martin most fascinating, as well as his art: I had never before even been aware of "hyperreal art" or the work of "high realists." The pages seemed to fly by, until one has reached the end and realize how perfectly the author has brought the suspenseful ale to its conclusion.
"Inspired by Coca Cola's I've Kissed Marilyn ads, we used the project as an exercise in blending expressive character design and vintage iconography with hyperreal lighting and materials."
Irreverent, unconventional, and hyperreal, Beautiful Ape Girl Baby tracks an ape born to wealthy parents.