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An artistic style characterized by highly realistic graphic representation.

hy′per·re′al·ist adj. & n.
hy′per·re′al, hy′per·re′al·ist′ic adj.
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(Art Terms) another word for photorealism
ˌhyperˈrealist n, adj
ˌhyperˌrealˈistic adj
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He prefers hyperrealism, adding however that "a poet is defined by his language" as opposed to this or that movement.) His conversation is almost as hard to pin down.
Specializing in styles such as Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Realism, Hyperrealism, Pop/Lowbrow and Surreal Art, TOROSIETE Museum celebrates works of art in multiple mediums.
Despite the hyperrealism of the new version, some critics found the film lacking in emotion and said the life-like singing and talking lions, hyenas and warthog felt odd.
This translation, by the lapidary Geraldine Harcourt, has the compression of poetry, the crackle of hyperrealism and the gloaming tension of a winter nap in late afternoon.
She investigates 100 years 1912-2012 of how Urdu adab has been evaluated in terms of meta-narrative, logocentrism, new colonialism and hyperrealism, among other elements, and how the style has evolved over time and posits her observations against those proffered by Western theorists about Western literature.
Colombel's technical perfection borders on hyperrealism, and in this sense connects the two parts of this collection.
The art professor talks about the multi-layered artworks: an amalgam of hyperrealism, cartoons, comics, anime, text, Pop Art tropes, esoteric symbols, omnipresent emoticons and dogs (lots of "heckin' doggos").
class="MsoNormalThe self-taught artist says his next work will be trying to perfect hyperrealism and hopes he will soon be able to draw realistic artworks that tease the eyes and the brain.
Not just ceremony, not just dance, not just idea: Milpirri as hyperrealism, a key word discussion.
The hyperrealism that characterizes the novel leaves little room for the humor and biting satire that traditionally inform picaresque narratives from the Golden Age; in typical neopicaresque fashion, Intemperie eschews the comic--particularly in its portrayal of violence--and delves into the terror and cruelty inflicted on the innocent and helpless by adults in positions of authority sanctioned by society.
A final year student of Statistics at the Kogi State University, Jhonsen Adejoh Ochega, is another self-taught artist following his passion and creating impressions in a genre of art called hyperrealism. LAOLU HAROLDS spoke with him.
This masterpiece was done in the hyperrealism style - an art style that looks very real to the eyes, looking more like a photograph rather than a painting, and maybe even better.