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An artistic style characterized by highly realistic graphic representation.

hy′per·re′al·ist adj. & n.
hy′per·re′al, hy′per·re′al·ist′ic adj.


1. (Art Terms) involving or characterized by particularly realistic graphic representation
2. (Sociology) distorting or exaggerating reality
3. (Philosophy) distorting or exaggerating reality
4. (Sociology) pertaining to or creating a hyperreality
5. (Philosophy) pertaining to or creating a hyperreality
6. (Sociology) the hyperreal that which constitutes hyperreality
7. (Philosophy) the hyperreal that which constitutes hyperreality
8. (Mathematics) short for hyperreal number
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The Los Angeles photographer presents her new work in film and prints, including "Anaheim" and "Hawkins Street," which continue to question illusion and authenticity through a vocabulary of highly staged, hyperrealistic scenes.
THE developer of a PS3,500 sex robot says the hyperrealistic doll suffered damage after being "roughly treated" during an electronics fair in Austria.
Rather than being hyperrealistic slashers, his horror films are at the schlocky end of the spectrum--think: low--angle shots of monsters in obviously plastic masks--and characterised by what the filmmaker describes in the documentary as an undercurrent theme of 'persecution' that attracts him to the horror genre, or what Wilson calls the artist's continuing concern with 'violence [and] psychology'.
Whether their work is political, fantastical or hyperrealistic, contestants have four hours to construct their sculptures.
A trio of hyperrealistic sculptural representations of the artist appear in the roles of revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat; his killer, Charlotte Corday; and Martinez, playing himself, as it were, transported into the historic scene.
The Westworld park's characters interact with wealthy visitors who wish to experience carnal pleasures with hyperrealistic androids, or to merely enjoy the replication of a bygone era.
This aesthetic program is regarded as common to the central Berlin School filmmakers, and it is characterized as an almost ascetic, dissonant, hyperrealistic style of cinematography--these films "take a close, patiently observed, clinically precise look" at the contemporary situation in Germany (Abel, "Intensifying Life").
Most intriguing of all were two visual elements: a video feed that transformed onstage videography into eerie and hyperrealistic live projections from unexpected angles, and the use of wooden puppets (including an entire miniature village made of balsa wood) to represent the most violent elements of Blasim's script, including a scene where a pilot is shot down and his body burned by Syrian government soldiers who then shoot every dog in the village.
While there are moments that become more heightened and theatricalized in Act 2 of the play--with the celebration of Miss Ruby and her speech--the rest of it is trying to keep a hyperrealistic shape to the quality of light.
Blending cutting-edge tech and sophisticated game design into a hyperrealistic environment, you must use any means to take down a corrupt system.
PHOTOREALISM: 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting, Gas Hall.
In addition to raising questions about the possible applications and functions of estrangement in hyperrealistic animation, motion capture's drastic manipulation of the human form foregrounds the ways in which contemporary artistic practices shape and challenge viewer expectations and conventions about humanity.