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Having a level of interest or involvement in sexual activity that is higher than some norm or expectation, often used to indicate that the high level causes problems for the individual, such as personal distress or impairment of social or emotional functioning.

hy′per·sex′u·al′i·ty (-sĕk′sho͞o-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.


extreme or excessive sexual activity
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After a misdiagnosis and a recommendation for medication that only exacerbated her mania and hypersexuality Hamilton embarked on a new path, and assumed a new identity as Kelly a Las Vegas escort.
As Douglas has thoroughly investigated and revealed in her earlier works, the black body is seen as a threat to "cherished white property" because of its alleged hypersexuality and violent disposition.
I also had difficulty with the frequency by which authors asserted signs of "Jewishness" through acknowledged stereotype: how discussions of a nose, or hypersexuality, or shortness of stature, unproblematically become paradigms of Judaism in order to establish a dialectic with Christianity or to address gender relations.
The hypersexuality of race: Performing Asian/American women on screen and scene.
The drugs, which are often prescribed for Parkinson's disease, restless legs syndrome, and hyperprolactinemia, were implicated in more than 1,000 separate adverse events that included pathological gambling, hypersexuality, compulsive shopping, poriomania (wandering away from home), binge eating, kleptomania, and compulsive sexual behavior.
Organized around eight ethnographic vignettes, the book looks at race and Ecuadorian popular culture; cultural politics, cultural traditions, and political activism; mestizaje and the non-inclusion of blackness in official imaginations of national identity; race, gender relations, and anti-Black racism; stereotypes of Black female hypersexuality and sexual self-constructions; blackness and beauty contest politics; the passage from 'monocultural mestizaje' to multiculturalism in the 1990s, which got a second life following the revolucion ciudadana (citizen revolution) and the election of Rafael Correa as president of Ecuador in late 2006.
html) LiveScience , "In many cases, it's much more permissible for men to engage in hypersexuality as opposed to women.
Oriental men are often depicted as feminine and weak, but dangerous because their hypersexuality poses a threat to white, Western women.
The barrister said the drug is known to cause obsessive compulsive behaviour and hypersexuality.
One final contribution to the SA sexual dysfunction literature is a case presentation of a 42-year-old man presenting with a history of depression, hypersexuality and preoccupation with internet pornography, which was used to propose diagnostic criteria for hypersexual disorder.