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Having a level of interest or involvement in sexual activity that is higher than some norm or expectation, often used to indicate that the high level causes problems for the individual, such as personal distress or impairment of social or emotional functioning.

hy′per·sex′u·al′i·ty (-sĕk′sho͞o-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.


extreme or excessive sexual activity
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Compulsive sexual behavior (CSB), also referred to as sexual addiction or hypersexuality, is characterized by repetitive and intense preoccupations with sexual fantasies, urges, and behaviors that are distressing to the individual and/or result in psychosocial impairment.
The first of two volumes on the topic, this volume brings together 13 articles on neuropsychiatric syndromes that lie between the fields of neurology and psychiatry, such as minor hemisphere syndromes; body representation disorders; misoplegia; pali and echo phenomena; pathological yawning, laughing, and crying; catastrophe reaction and emotionalism; non-drug addictive and obsessive-compulsive symptoms after focal brain lesions; hypersexuality in neurological disorders; the KlEver-Bucy syndrome; Diogenes syndrome; segmental craniocervical dystonia; REM sleep behavior disorder; and Charles Bonnet syndrome and other hallucinatory phenomena.
Analyzing the campaign's rhetoric and the ensuring public debate relative to academic theories of gender, sexuality, and race, Rivera-Rideau convincingly argues that criticism of reggaeton's representation of women reflected underlying racialized stereotypes of black female hypersexuality that served to buttress dominant discourses of national identity.
The KLS attacks are characterized by hypersomnia (15-21 hour/day), cognitive impairment (apathy, confusion, slowness, amnesia), derealization (dreamy state, altered perception) and more infrequently hypersexuality and depressive mood (3).
The research used interviews and focused group discussions to look into how men aged 18-30 in the three countries viewed the seven pillars of 'real' men: self-sufficiency, acting tough, physical attractiveness, rigid masculine gender roles around household and caregiving work, heterosexuality and homophobia, hypersexuality ('always ready for sex'), aggression and control.
Berger considers "Reflections" as a theorization of the prison's continuity with slavery in terms of the carceral denial of Black love and the criminal punishment system's promulgation of stereotypes of Black female hypersexuality.
2% of college men were in the clinical range for hypersexuality.
She wants readers of her text to learn to "read" Black girls and young women beyond the elementary narratives with which they are familiar such as in hypersexuality.
Sexual inappropriateness and hypersexuality are defined by The California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare (13) as vigorous sexual drive or other sexually related problems that interfere with normal activities of daily living, or sexual behaviour that is pursued at inappropriate times.
aspx) DSM-5 ), the standard guide to mental health classifications used by professionals, doesn't list sex addiction or hypersexuality anywhere in it.
Hypersexuality is another symptom that also applied to Greene: he had numerous adulterous affairs and made many visits to prostitutes over the course of the period covered by this book.
This condition is characterized by recurrent episodes of hypersomnia associated with cognitive and behavioral abnormalities, including confusion, apathy, irritability, megaphagia (eating increased amounts of food), and hypersexuality.