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Of, relating to, or capable of speed equal to or exceeding five times the speed of sound.

hy′per·son′i·cal·ly adv.
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(General Physics) concerned with or having a velocity of at least five times that of sound in the same medium under the same conditions
ˌhyperˈsonics n
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(ˌhaɪ pərˈsɒn ɪk)

noting or pertaining to speed that is at least five times that of sound in the same medium.
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Of or pertaining to speeds equal to, or in excess of, five times the speed of sound. See also speed of sound.
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Kevin Bowcutt, Boeing's chief scientist of hypersonics, said: "We are excited about the potential of hypersonic technology to connect the world faster than ever before.
Boeing is planning a hypersonic jet with military and commercial applications.
The prospect of losing this arms race has quietly made the development of the hypersonic missile a top priority at the Pentagon, the officials said, as the United States faces rising challenges from superpowers around the world.
China and Russia are already flight-testing hypersonic weapons and several other countries have shown interest in pursuing technologies for hypersonic flight.
Reaction Engines' technology will contribute to the next generation of hypersonic flight and space access vehicles.
Meanwhile, the US general in charge of the nation's nuclear arsenal, General John Hyten, head of US Strategic Command, warned Russia and China are "aggressively" developing new high-speed, or hypersonic, weapons that the US currently has no defense against.
Steven Stashwick | Tribune News Service MORE signs are emerging across the US Department of Defence that it is taking the military threat of Chinese hypersonic weapons seriously, and redoubling efforts to field similar weapons of its own.
Russia says it has successfully test-launched a hypersonic missile, one of a range of nuclear-capable weapons announced by President Vladimir Putin earlier this month.
Boeing reveals hypersonic plane that could travel globe in three hours.
Rumored to be powered by an air-breathing scramjet engine, the SR-72 will conceivably be capable of topping Mach 6 (4,000MPH), granting the hypersonic aircraft an ability to streak through enemy air defences before anyone knows it's even there.
The development of hypersonic reentry vehicles in the near space, such as shuttles, rockets, and missiles, attracts increasing attention in recent years due to their significant strategic position.