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Of or relating to the imaging of remote celestial objects or regions of space by combining information from a large number of detected spectral bands, as of visible light, infrared, and ultraviolet frequencies.
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Contract notice: Hyperspectral scanner including uav carrier.
But in my opinion the most important emerging technology for our community is hyperspectral imaging.
However, new methods to identify defects such as hyperspectral imaging and electromagnetic noses are emerging, but are they viable solutions?
ISLAMABAD -- Institute of Space Technology (IST) would hold a three-day short course on 'Qualitative and Quantitative Estimates of Vegetation Using Hyperspectral and Multispectral Remote Sensing' from August 22 to 25.
One index is based on evaluations performed using hyperspectral imaging.
The classification of hyperspectral images is a challenging task, since the acquired hyperspectral images, which provides huge amount of spectral and spatial information, are often affected by radiometric noise such as sensor noise, photon (or pulse) noise, calibration error, atmospheric scattering and absorption.
Some imaging systems can capture mid-infrared and far-infrared (thermal) images, while others can capture hyperspectral images from dozens to hundreds of spectral bands in the visible to thermal regions of the spectrum.
The exploration program will include about 12,300 m of diamond drilling using two rigs around the existing resource area; an expansion to the regional basal glacial till sampling program; trenching and structural geology mapping in the Central Zone; hyperspectral infrared scanning of drill core from the Central Zone; geophysical parameter downhole logging in the Central and Norra Zones; metallurgical testwork; environmental studies; and local and regional hydrogeological studies.
The team of computer science and electrical engineers developed HyperCam, a lower-cost hyperspectral camera that uses both visible and invisible near-infrared light to "see" beneath surfaces and capture unseen details.
Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images
ClickPress, Fri Aug 07 2015] Hyperspectral Imaging Market by Application (Military & Surveillance, Environmental Testing, Mining & Mineralogy, Agriculture, Machine Control & Process Vision, Life Sciences & Medical Diagnostics, Food, Colorimetry, Meteorology) - Global Forecast to 2019
Hyperspectral image analysis has bloomed into one of the puissant and nimblest augmenting technologies in remote sensing domain for recent years.