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Noun1.hypertext system - a database management system that allows strings of text (`objects') to be processed as a complex network of nodes that are linked together in an arbitrary way
object-oriented database management system - a database management system designed to manage an object-oriented database
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"Evaluating three museum installations of a hypertext system." Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 40 (3): 172-182.
A prominent example of a large hypertext system is the World Wide Web (WWW or Web).
Put slightly differently, the more they searched, the better they grasped the knowledge provided by the hypertext system; the more they assimilated the knowledge provided, the better they could search.
A route (or a path) through a hypertext system can be explai ned as user movement from one hypertext document to another by way of hypertext links.
2 MacWeb [14, 15] is a knowledge-based hypertext system developed at LIRMM since 1989.
For example, in tasks such as programming or continuing technical education, successful ongoing and repeated use of a hypertext system could depend on the readers' ability to abstract and retain the structure of the information along with the location of particularly critical pieces of information and the links to and from that information.
A key consideration is separating the information storage from the user interface of the hypertext system so that the user interface can be enhanced as the installed base permits it.
(Rodentpushers pay homage to him as the inventer of the mouse.) Engelbart published an influential paper, "A Conceptual Framework for the Augmentation of Man's Intellect," and he helped develop a prototype hypertext system called NLS (on Line System).
Results indicate that prior knowledge and goal strength are important contributors to students' cognitive and affective reactions to the hypertext system.
How can we learn from practice to design appropriate components for and an interface to a spatial hypertext system? It is crucial to watch users in action, to look at the results of their work in a variety of environments, and to talk to them about what they are trying to accomplish.
consisted of the hypertext system described in version
The idea of the Web was prompted by positive experience of a small "home-brew" personal hypertext system used for keeping track of personal information on a distributed project.

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