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Unusually high body temperature.

hy′per·ther′mal adj.
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Adj.1.hyperthermal - of or relating to or affected by hyperthermia
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In the field of animal production, a recent study demonstrated that increased expression of NF-[kappa]B was found in heatstressed quail [81,82], which partially proved that stress-like hyperthermal treatment may induce NF-[kappa]B activation [67,78].
Detecting hyperthermal stress in larvae of the hermatypic coral Porites astreoides: the suitability of using biomarkers of oxidative stress versus heat-shock protein transcriptional expression.
Furthermore, many industrial wastewaters have hypersaline, hyperthermal, metallic, and/or an acidic or alkaline pH, where extremophilic Archaea have the potential to play key functions for contaminant removal.
Not only the propagula of tropical plants can be brought by the warm pacific currents of monsoon in SE Asian to northward migration, but Hainan Island which located in north margin of the tropics possessed abundant rainfall and hyperthermal and humid climates, and made it a paradise that lots of tropical plants of northward migration can repreduce freely in Hainan Island.
Chang et al., "Caffeic acid phenethyl ester, an antioxidant from propolis, protects peripheral blood mononuclear cells of competitive cyclists against hyperthermal stress," Journal of Food Science, vol.
Smectite to illite diagenesis in early Miocene sediments from the hyperthermal western Pannonian Basin.
Ablative composites are used as thermal insulating materials for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) and space shuttles to protect their structures from hypersonic and hyperthermal environments encountered during their mission (9-11).
Shinjo, "Preparation of glass-ceramics containing ferrimagnetic zinc-iron ferrite for the hyperthermal treatment of cancer," Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, vol.
This is significantly high enough to trigger hyperthermal crisis for the immature neonate even for a short period of exposure [4, 5].
In this report, we present a patient who developed who was diagnosed with PFMS after long-duration travel and hyperthermal (>40 [degrees]C) balneotherapy, with the goal of drawing attention to the possible environmental triggers of this syndrome.
A new local ablation for solid malignant tumors: Antitumor effect of hyperthermal and electrochemical therapy on transplantable mouse cancer.
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