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Of, relating to, or affected with hyperthyroidism.
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(ˌhaɪ pərˈθaɪ rɔɪd)

1. of, pertaining to, or having hyperthyroidism.
2. characterized by extreme intensity, emotionalism, or lack of restraint: hyperthyroid journalism.
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adj hipertiroideo
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She stressed that the treatment does help ease hyperthyroid conditions.
The anti-TPO positive or negative irrespective all cases were segregated into hypothyroid, hyperthyroid and euthyroid.
Recognized as a center of excellence for endocrine diseases, the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine is enrolling 12 newly diagnosed hyperthyroid cats and 12 hyperthyroid cats currently treated and controlled using oral methimazole.
Liver cell dysfunction following hyperthyroidism is usually attributed to circulatory dysfunction followed by secondary liver cell congestion in a hyperthyroid state.
Six months after RAI, 36.2% became hypothyroid, 38.5% became euthyroid while 25.3% remained hyperthyroid. Thyroid outcome at 3 months were correlating with 6 months results.
In the hyperthyroid state, aside from tiredness, the person is irritable or nervous, has lost a lot of weight, and has an increased heart rate.
On the other hand, increased rate of purine metabolism during hyperthyroid state has been suggested to result in hyperuricemia9.
In thyroiditis the hyperthyroid phase can take up to several months.
Daily, I take multi-vitamins, calcium with B12, fish oil, and thyroxine pills for my hyperthyroid that was zapped with radioactive iodine some 20 years ago.
Upon admission a nurse practitioner listed "orthostatic hypotension, viral illness, hyperthyroid and deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism" as possible causes.
The talk show host revealed she has hyperthyroid disease and Graves' disease.