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Of, relating to, or affected with hyperthyroidism.


(ˌhaɪ pərˈθaɪ rɔɪd)

1. of, pertaining to, or having hyperthyroidism.
2. characterized by extreme intensity, emotionalism, or lack of restraint: hyperthyroid journalism.


adj hipertiroideo
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In the hyperthyroid state, aside from tiredness, the person is irritable or nervous, has lost a lot of weight, and has an increased heart rate.
A thyroid-stimulating hormone level should be obtained in patients who are taking thyroxine or if they look clinically hyperthyroid.
The talk show host revealed she has hyperthyroid disease and Graves' disease.
Patients were considered to have GD if they had a previous history of known GD, or were biochemically hyperthyroid with evidence of ophthalmopathy, dermopathy or thyroid-antibody positivity.
He was seen by an unnamed nurse practitioner who listed "orthostatic hypotension, viral illness, hyperthyroid and deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism" as possible causes, Mrs Jones said.
Symptomatically, she was not your typical hyperthyroid patient.
Mother was hyperthyroid and was receiving methimazole for treatment before and during pregnancy.
8%) had TSH value in the hyperthyroid range and 100 (10.
It is an important manifestation in patients with Graves' disease in euthyroid, hyperthyroid or even in hypothyroid state.
Results in figure 1 showed both male and female subjects of sub-clinical hypothyroid and sub-clinical hyperthyroid cases distributed on the basis of age groups.