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n. Physiology
The state of being hypertonic.


(Medicine) med an unusual increase in muscle tension making stretching difficult or impossible


(ˌhaɪ pərˈtoʊ ni ə)

increased rigidity, tension, and spasticity of the muscles.
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Noun1.hypertonia - (of muscular tissue) the state of being hypertonic
tonicity, tonus, tone - the elastic tension of living muscles, arteries, etc. that facilitate response to stimuli; "the doctor tested my tonicity"
hypotonia, hypotonus, hypotonicity - (of muscular tissue) the state of being hypotonic
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Alterations in the oral cavity include hypotonia or labial hypertonia and alterations in the lingual mobility that can interfere in suctioning, swallowing and lip seal, contributing for children with this condition to become mouth breathers, causing difficulties when breastfeeding or bottle feeding (2).
Sample size was calculated using OpenEpi software 10 with 80% power of test and 5% level of significance considering 20% case fatality rate of tetanus.1 Patients with acute hypertonia of other causes (e.g.
Developmental delay was not observed until the age of 6 months, at which time he demonstrated a lack of head control, poor eye contact, and lower limb hypertonia. At the age of 9 months, he was referred to our hospital for etiologic diagnosis.
Decreases in the rate ofhead growth postnatally in these infants can be associated with significant neurologic dysfunction, including hypertonia and hemiparesis, dyskinesia, dysphagia, epilepsy, and persistence of primitive reflexes.
Rekate et al (12) reported four cases diagnosed with Chiari malformation who were suffering from intermittent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia and proposed that vagal hypertonia, caused by variation in intracranial pressure, affected the pancreas leading to hypoglycemia in their patients.
Traditional surgical procedures; manual anal dilatation or internal lateral sphincterotomy have been commonly used to reduce the hypertonia of the internal anal sphincter but they carry risk of permanent impairment of anal continence.
Hypertonia, or excessively high muscle tone, is characterized by trembling, involuntary motions, stiffness and/or inflexibility; hypotonia, or low muscle tone, is manifested in body postures such as a sunken chest and drooping head.
(4) This involvement is characterized by osteoarticular deformities (kyphosis, scoliosis, knee valgus, and equinus foot), joint stiffness with loss of range of motion (ROM), and upper motor neuron impairment (myelopathy, hypertonia, and spasticity).
But the evolution was favorable, the patient being released with possible walking, with mild hypertonia.
At that time, a physical and neurological examination was notable for an altered level of consciousness, irregular breathing, hypertonia, central rigidity, and exaggerated Moro reflex, as well as jaundiced skin.