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Noun1.hypertonus - (of muscular tissue) the state of being hypertonic
tonicity, tonus, tone - the elastic tension of living muscles, arteries, etc. that facilitate response to stimuli; "the doctor tested my tonicity"
hypotonia, hypotonus, hypotonicity - (of muscular tissue) the state of being hypotonic
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Stress reduction techniques, such as yoga, deep breathing exercises, meditation, guided imagery, and warm baths, can decrease hypertonus in the pelvic floor muscles (Wise & Anderson, 2012).
Incidence of allergic rash, hiccup, hypertonus, venous sequelae, post-operative vomiting and respiratory depression were similar in both groups.
Rogalski et al reviewed 26 patients who received vaginal diazepam for bladder pain, sexual pain, and levator hypertonus. (45) They found subjective and sexual pain improvement assessed on FSFI and the visual analog pain scale.
He still had a restricted grip, axial hypotonia, and peripheral hypertonus 2 years later.
In standard definitions, tachysystole is defined when more than 5 contractions occur in 10 minutes, hypertonus when a contraction lasts for more than 120 seconds, and hyperstimulation when excessive uterine activity with a non-reassuring fetal heart rate presents.
Along with the topical atrophy that can occur with the low estrogen state of menopause, hypertonus and foreshortening of the pelvic floor muscles can occur in some postmenopausal women.
Uterine hyperstimulation was diagnosed if the number of contractions was more than five in 10 minute intervals (tachysystole) with duration of each contraction of two minutes or more (hypertonus) and if they were associated with fetal distress.
Abstract: A 6-week-old, parent-reared peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) was presented with spastic hypertonus of its hind limbs of unknown origin and duration.