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n. pl. hy·per·vi·ta·min·o·ses (-sēz)
Any of various abnormal conditions in which the physiological effect of a vitamin is produced to a pathological degree by excessive intake of the vitamin.


(ˌhaɪpəˌvɪtəmɪˈnəʊsɪs; -ˌvaɪ-)
(Pathology) pathol the condition resulting from the chronic excessive intake of vitamins
[C20: from hyper- + vitamin + -osis]


(ˌhaɪ pərˌvaɪ tə məˈnoʊ sɪs)

an abnormal condition caused by an excessive intake of vitamins.
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Noun1.hypervitaminosis - an abnormal condition resulting from taking vitamins excessively; can be serious for vitamins A or D or K
abnormalcy, abnormality - an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies
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Microscopic examination of dead budgerigars later in the course of the investigation revealed mineralization of soft tissues consistent with hypervitaminosis D.
There are various reports of spontaneous SDH in healthy young adults who had risk factors like hypertension, vascular malformations, neoplasia such as hematological malignancies causing thrombocytopaenia, solid tumour dural metastases, infection, hypervitaminosis, coagulopathy and alcoholism (4).
Another condition to be vary of is vitamin D toxicity known as hypervitaminosis D, said Dr Al Hammadi.
Vitamin D toxicity, also called hypervitaminosis D, is a rare but potentially serious condition that occurs when you have excessive amounts of vitamin D in your body.
Metabolic disorders, such as hypervitaminosis A, pseudohypoparathyroidism, and renal osteodystrophy, could be excluded based on their radiological appearance of periosteal new bone formation in diaphysis with sparing of the medullary cavity (hypervitaminosis A) and generalized osteosclerosis (pseudohypoparathyroidism, and renal osteodystrophy) along with laboratory abnormalities (i.
The patients were monitored for the development of hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, and hypervitaminosis D.
Three children (ages 2 weeks to 33 months) presented with hypercalcemia and hypervitaminosis D (25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] level +++++ 75 ng/ml), associated with treatment of documented or suspected vitamin D-deficiency rickets.
It must also be noted that a very high plane of nutrition to dogs can also lead to various problems in the long run, such as obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, hypervitaminosis A while under-nutrition can lead to problems such as rickets and nutritional hyperparathyroidism.
In the intensive farming system special attention should be paid to deficiencies of trace elements and hypo- and hypervitaminosis as these are often difficult to diagnose (Zhang et al.
Early interventions regarding vitamin supplementation were composed of mega doses of vitamins, which were proved to be potentially hazardous, leading to hypervitaminosis (84) and elevated transaminase levels and hepatotoxicity (85).