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Noun1.hypervolaemia - a blood disorder consisting of an increase in the volume of circulating blood
blood disease, blood disorder - a disease or disorder of the blood
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Our IVCCI cut-offs, based on the current 'Guidelines for the Echocardiographic Assessment of the Right Heart in Adults' (Rudski et al., 2010) suggested that a diameter < 2.1 cm and collapsibility >50% represents hypervolaemia correlating with central venous pressure (Table 2).
(1) Biochemical severity (a) Mild hyponatremia, 130-135 mmol/L (b) Moderate hyponatremia, 125-129 mmol/L (c) Profound hyponatremia, <125 mmol/L (2) Time of onset (a) Acute hyponatremia <48 hours (b) Chronic hyponatremia >48 hours (3) Symptoms (a) Symptomatic hyponatremia (b) Asymptomatic hyponatremia (4) Volume status (a) Hypovolaemia (b) Normovolaemia (c) Hypervolaemia (5) Serum osmolality (a) Hypotonic hyponatremia, <275 mOsm/kg (b) Isotonic hyponatremia, 275-295 mOsm/kg (c) Hypertonic hyponatremia, >295 mOsm/kg Table 4: Assessment of volume status.
Mann-Whitney U test was used to analyse differences in PCT plasma level between patients with or without signs of hypervolaemia. Prognostic value of PCT plasma concentration was analysed with logistic regression models.
Triple H therapy, known as the combination of hypervolaemia, hypertension and haemodilution, was no longer routinely used (67.6%) and totally avoided by 3.19 %.
These include (but are not limited to) uraemic toxins, hypervolaemia, hypertension, increased amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS), reductions in antioxidant defence, compromised protein energy state, increased adipose tissue, infection (including vascular access related, bacterial, and viral infection), and comorbid conditions such as diabetes [1-3].