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1. Having a hyphen: a hyphenated adjective.
2. Often Offensive Of or relating to naturalized citizens or their descendants or culture.
Usage Note: Naturalized immigrants to the United States and their descendants have sometimes been termed hyphenated Americans in reference to the tendency to hyphenate such ethnic compounds as Irish-American and Polish-American. This term has come under strong criticism as suggesting that those so designated are not as fully American as "unhyphenated" citizens, and it is best avoided in all but historical contexts.


1. (Linguistics) containing or linked with a hyphen
2. chiefly US having a nationality denoted by a hyphenated word, as in American-Irish
3. chiefly US denoting something, such as a professional career, that consists of two elements, as in singer-songwriter


(ˈhaɪ fəˌneɪ tɪd)

1. of or designating a person or group of mixed national origin or identity: an Irish-American club and other hyphenated organizations.
2. composed of distinct elements connected by or as if by a hyphen.